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Feb 16 2017, 10:15 AM

Ever had a question you wanted to ask a character? WELL NOW YOU CAN!! Basically, this game is for asking characters a bunch of super personal questions and answering the questions your character gets.

This thread is for 1) signing up characters to receive questions in IC PMs, and 2) posting IC responses to PMed questions your character has received.

The last Q&A thread can be found here.


Questions can be sent to any character listed in the address book below.

***DON'T message any characters not listed in the address book! These members haven't opted in to receive IC PMs and might not want to get a ton of really invasive questions sent to their characters, for some bizarre reason.

NOTE! To get questions, you must OPT IN to receiving IC PMs. This is to keep people who don't want to play from being annoyed by getting a lot of questions they don't want to answer.

To opt in to the Character Q&A, fill out the following form for any characters you'd like to receive questions and post it in this thread with an alert for @ hobo, or PM it to me!

[code*][url=PM URL]First name Last name[/url][/code*]

The PM URL can be found on an account's profile page under Contact Information. (screenshot here).
Nov 13 2016, 06:49 PM
points at the title! I just wanted to make this official for people who haven't seen the cbox: I'm overseas for the rest of the month visiting my brother. I have a little downtime, so I'll still be poking my head in and maybe making a few posts, but please understand if I'm not exactly curent on my replies. I love you all very muchhhhh and will be back to full speed in December
Oct 30 2016, 03:35 PM
Here's a thread for personality quizzes! take em for your chars and/or you and post the results. also, link other quizzes for people to take!

Some staples -

myers-briggs type indicator

love languages

hogwarts house

moral alignment

deadliest sin

and most importantly which one of my garbage sons are you.
Sep 22 2016, 02:59 PM
the classic.

IC, decide who to Wed

from the options given. Then give 3 new names.

Your character can't reply to a prompt if their name is given, but don't let that stop you from replying with another character, or this game will never get any play.

The day's top posters:
Nor de la Cruz, Adrienne Kang, Carrington Haigh
Sep 20 2016, 03:00 PM
Because I love tumblr memes too much to let them stay on tumblr where they belong, here's a game based on a few different character development memes.

Rules: Answer a question asked by the poster above you, then give an option of two new questions for the character below! You can make up your own questions, or pick a few from the below lists or any headcanon prompts you can dig up on sites like tumblr.

The first headcanon thread is here.

general prompts (x)
list 1

specific questions: (x)
list 2

describe -
List 3

feelings -
List 4

super in depth (x)
list 5

situational prompts i guess ( x )
list 6

- -

♣ - What is one thing that they find embarrassing? (About them, others, things in general)


☥: If events in your character’s life had gone very differently to how they did, what would they have done with their life? What sort of occupation might they have chosen for themselves and would they, in your opinion, be happier than they are now?
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