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 Plaza Shop Directory
Mayor Joe Dashington
 Posted: Sep 14 2015, 10:23 PM



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Along with the fast food restaurants and chain stores typically found in shopping centers, the Plaza is home to several locally owned businesses listed below. Before making up a new location, check here to see what's already been mentioned so we don't have too many repeats. If you've mentioned a place in a thread, or have something you want to add, use the form at the bottom of this post.


>> Curry On
Specializes in Indian cuisine. From eleven AM to two PM you can eat at the buffet for cheap, but at night it becomes a sit down restaurant that makes you dig in your pockets a little.

>> Eldoon's Noodles
A ramen shop in the plaza owned by Mister Mugitsura Yatabuki. They're known for their noodles, but also offer a fusion of Japanese and Asian inspired dishes.

>> The Italian Villa
No relation to the Italian Village. Serves fancy Italian, very expensive but earns the title of Best Pasta In Maine four years running.

>> The Skillet
A cheap all you can eat buffet. The food's not great, but... there's a lot of it.

>> Tapastrie
A wine and tapas bar with a chic atmosphere, a small patio area, and a pretty decent wine list, considering. Generally considered to be Monroeville's 'nice' bar.


>> Bernie's Supermarket
A 24-hour supermarket favored by locals. Sells a variety of food and household products.

>> Dark Owl Records
Got some good old school... DVDs, and movies... and oh yeah a nice section of vinyls over there. Hipster atmosphere, you can get shitty coffee at a way-too-high price while you're shopping.

>> Kraken's Closet
A haven for local nerds, this store is a purveyor of only the finest video games, comic books, and scantily-clad anime figurines. They have a back room where they host D&D campaigns and Magic! the Gathering tournaments.

>> Prima Donna Studio
A dance studio headed by a dance veteran, Dr. Simmons. Offers evening classes in ballet, tango, salsa and waltz on weekdays, along with yoga, aikodo and tae kwon do classes on weekends. Open 9AM-11PM. Members can come and practice any time with the payment of fixed monthly membership fee.

If you would like to add a shop, fill out the following form. Keep in mind that small cafes or souvenir shops are more likely to be found in Monroe Square.

[b]Name of Establishment:[/b]
[b]Description:[/b] (Keep it short. One to three sentences at the most please.)
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