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 Monroe Square Shop Directory
Mayor Joe Dashington
 Posted: Jan 24 2013, 10:00 PM



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This is a list of the shops, cafés and restaurants in Monroe Square. Rather than having 2,000 coffee houses or 35 different bakeries, check here to see what's already been mentioned so we don't have too many repeats. If you've mentioned a place in a thread, or have something you want to add, use the form at the bottom of this post.



>> Bernard's
A French bakery/café. They make a mean crêpe.

>> Crustaceans, Crustaceans, Crustaceans!
Known around town as Triple C's, this restaurant is immensely popular with the college crowd for its dirt cheap seafood. Stop by on Thursdays for the Unremitting Shrimp lunch special!

>> The Cove
One of the fancier restaurants in town, known for its French and Italian cuisine. It’s more expensive, but the food doesn't usually disappoint, and it has a pretty good wine list.

>> Cute Teas
This tearoom is known for its elaborate desserts, ornate décor, and cloying atmosphere. The tea is a little overpriced, but it’s served in delicate china that’s so cute, you could just die.

>> Kennedy’s Bar and Grill
Established in the 1960s, this family-owned business is considered a Staple of the Community. It’s pretty much Outback Steakhouse, but with more beer.

>> McCarthy's
An Irish Pub and Sports Bar. Serves alcohol as well as delicious food.

>> Mugshots
A trendy coffee house. Lots of neon and beanbag chairs. The walls are covered with polaroids of their customers.

>> Piano Man Cafe
A diner with a classical music theme. Their signature dish is the Beethoven Burger and Fries. They’re also known for their Mozart Milkshakes.

>> The Watering Hole
A country music bar with a pretty decent selection of craft beer. It's one of the more entertaining bars around, with a mechanical bull, regular karaoke nights, and line dancing lessons every other Wednesday.


>> Blapto Free Bubbles
Or: Blapto! Homemade soap and bath (and secret and illegal prescription drug) shop owned by Belal Lecter (his siblings Rosslyn, Ira, and Calvin work here along with Kathleen Parker). Has the best bath bombs you can find in town.

>> The Chug-n-Squeeze
A place to make and decorate pottery while sipping only the most middling quality local wines. Thursdays are vase nights.

>> The Hobo's New Clothes
Billed as an “upscale second hand boutique”, this store is a lot classier—and more expensive—than the dingy thrift stores near Cherry Street. It specializes in vintage clothes, but you can find anything from rogue taxidermy to 1960s dinnerware sets here.

>> Intuitions
Owned by local psychic Lydia Nödl, this cramped shop sells healing crystals, tarot decks and books on the paranormal among other unsettling knickknacks like taxidermy crows and imitation shrunken heads. There's a small room in the back for private psychic readings: palms, cards, runes.

>> Knitwits
Where you can go for all your knitting and crochet needs. Owned by old Mrs. Greenberg, a sweet old lady, and her husband, who is very loud and has a hacking cough

>> Lost Literature
An old bookstore with an arrange of different books of varying sizes. Rarely does it host the newest books of today. More of a retirement home for books in a sense as some of the employees prefer to describe it.

>> Rose Garden Dolls
A doll shop specializing in porcelain and ball jointed dolls, though they also stock toys. It's locally-owned but popular online for its custom dolls created by shop owner Antoinette Rose.

>> SeasideArts
An art gallery which sells locally-made paintings, sculpture, and jewelry, almost exclusively with nautical themes. Especially popular among wealthy middle-aged tourists. Hosts beginner painting and pottery classes during tourist season.

>> Strung Out
A newer knitting and crochet shop that also sells sewing and other craft supplies. It’s located across the street from Knitwits and is engaged in a battle to attract the most business. Strung Out is winning so far.

>> Treble Free Music
Your regular old music store, conveniently located right next door to the Piano Man café. Here you can buy sheet music, instruments of any kind, and get your instruments fixed. There's a baby grand piano in the shop window and a keyboard set up in the back for customer-fooling-around purposes.

>> Whale Tales
One of several whale-themed tourist traps in town, but probably the most well known. They sell tickets to whale-watching tours, books on whales (fiction and non-fiction), and, of course, truckloads of cheap souvenirs.

>> The Wicker Man
(No relation to Nicolas Cage. Absolutely no bees.)
Owned by an old ex-Amish man with little grasp of pop culture. This shop specializes in wicker goods, but also sells handmade quilts and hand-carved wooden items.

If you would like to add a shop, fill out the following form. Please keep in mind that Monroe Square is mostly made up of small and quaint little establishments. Any large stores would most likely be found in the mall.

[b]Name of Establishment:[/b]
[b]Description:[/b] (Keep it short. One to three sentences at the most please.)
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