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 hidden genetics [jc], melbourne clone conspiracy
 Posted: May 17 2017, 03:59 PM


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Human cloning and genetic engineering has always been considered to be
the next step in scientific advancement or dismissed as just science fiction.
But in truth, it is a very real cold reality. Seeded among the population of Greater
Melbourne Australia are clones from different experiments, living life
completely ignorant of just what they are. However there is a group out there
that is not so ignorant and has plans to use the clones for their own rather
nefarious purposes. Of course such major secrets cannot be kept in the dark
for long, not from the public or from the clones themselves. Daily life and
simple routines are about to come crumbling down and will change the fate of
the clones forever. But will it be to a future of freedom to be their own person or
will it be a future as someone else's scientific property? Will your nice, little normal
life be torn apart because of someone's Hidden Genetics?

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