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 I'm afraid of you because I can't be left behind, Nor & the Nöödles
Elwood Nödl
 Posted: Yesterday at 09:42 pm



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She's so quiet Elwood can barely hear her. The words hit like thunderclaps, anyway; they wrap their way around his heart and jerk it down into his gut. He's a coward. Ed's never told him that before, he's never so much as thought it to himself, but he knows this feeling. This dread, this sickness in his gut where he knows she's right.

As long as he's spent bracing for her to see it in him, the force of it still knocks him unsteady. For a long moment, there's silence, that barely-there whisper ringing in their ears. Elwood stares at his sister. Her unfocused eyes, her wild hair. Her hands red with blood.

Then he turns away and starts the car.

i'm sorry about him

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