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Ingrid Lohengramm


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May 21 2017, 10:06 AM

Full name: Ingrid Alsace Maria Lohengramm
Birthdate & age: 30 August 1997 | 19
Gender & pronouns: Female | She/her
Orientation: Calls herself a lesbian, but doesn’t let that stop her from hooking up with any gender

Nationality: American
Occupation/Major: Classics
SES/social class: Upper Class trust fund kid
Education level: “Some college”
Languages known: English, French, German & can read/write basic Latin & Ancient Greek
Physical/mental conditions: Bipolar 2


Ethnicity: White
Height and build: 5’5”/ lean muscles, figure of an endurance runner
Hair color/style: Starts with a basic black bob. Lets things grow/shaves and cuts parts depending on her mood, but gets it back to its “basic” stage every other month or so
Voice/manner of speaking: Educated, eastern seaboard accent. Overenunciates consonants. Very limited tonal range. Normally speaks with a lot of sharp, blunt sounds but ‘softens’ her voice and consonants if it’ll get her what she wants.
Distinguishing marks: “αἰ δὲ μὴ φίλει” on her right wrist and “ταχέως φιλήσει” on her left (From Sappho’s fragment 1 “If she does not love, soon she will love” [anne carson’s translation]). 3 piercings in her left ear, 5 in her right.
Fashion/way of dress: “Refined goth” she’d say.

General impression: Great posture, aggressive walk, eyes that say “murder,” she tries to emanate a 5ft radius “don’t fuck with me” aura at most times. Generally intimidating, unless she decides to be otherwise (but even then she sometimes comes off too strong).


Likes: Books, dancing, drugs, nice clothes, games
Dislikes: Men, losing, weakness, tomfoolery, “idiots”
Fears: Not living up to her own expectations of herself. Hurting the people she wants to protect.
Strengths: Brilliant and quick-witted, can read people well, not bad in a fight
Flaws: Mean even when she’s trying not to be, flakey, self-absorbed, poor executive functions

What puts your character at ease:
What makes your character uncomfortable:
Soft spots/vulnerabilities:
How they try to come across to others:
What they try to hide about themselves:
How they really feel about themselves:

Character traits: Ingrid is a flirt, but she's not really trying to get with you (usually). Rather, it's the main (only) socializing tactic she's learned, and she uses it to get what she wants.


What are your character’s thoughts on…
-- Substance use: “There are a lot of substances that one can have a very good time with as long as one takes caution and isn’t a geedee idiot about it…” Pro-drugs in general, thinks people should have better education in biochem so they can understand how and what drugs do to them and therefore indulge in a much safer manner, but also understands the ways drugs are used by governments and other power-structures to kill populations and gets angry at other users who don’t understand the “bigger picture”
-- Sex/romance: Sex is fun. She doesn’t think about it too much until she’s ready to scrooge someone and then, they usually want to scrooge back. She doesn’t attach much meaning to the act, it’s a pleasure-seeking action. Romance? She’s never felt anything like that/
-- Marriage/children: Does not like or want children. Doesn’t see herself getting married, but isn’t against it conceptually.
-- Religion: Catholic school turned her into an atheist
-- Politics: As anti-capitalist as she is she sure partakes in some bourgeois decadence. She finds the concepts of nations and wars appalling, and is generally more interested in developing a small-scale community of people who take care of each other than of interfering with “a bunch of boys playing board games with human lives.”
-- Technology: She went through a real “hacker” phase in her early teens. She’s not really as into it all anymore, thinks the internet has become a bit of a wasteland, but she still has some connections and skills from back in the day.

How social are they?: She’s often seen going out, but generally on speaks when forced to or, when she feels someone can get her something she wants.
Types of people they like:
Types of people they dislike:
Social profile: (who in town knows them? Knows of them? For what?)

Saving/spending habits: Her lawyers are happy as long as she doesn't go full Edie Sedgwick on them
Recreational activities: clubs bars & parties at night/ in bed alone with a bottle of whiskey and a book during the day/ haunts cafes & libraries


Major/Favorite subject: Classics, interested in Augustan poetry & Ancient Greek tragedies
GPA: 4.0
How do they feel about their school?: It’s fine.
How studious are they?: Quite. School comes easily to her, and she likes to make it seem effortless, but she works really hard.
After-school/part time job: She’s never worked for anyone but herself


Significant relatives / pets:
-- Karl Johan Alselm Lohengramm, 51, father
-- Anna Giske Lohengramm, 53, mother
-- Johan Otto Ambrose Lohengramm, 25, brother
-- Derine Giske Klara Lohengramm, 17, sister

Relationship with family:

Current residence: Dormitory
Description of bedroom/living space:


Place of birth/hometown:
General history:

How their past affects them:
Character’s feelings about their past:
May 14 2017, 10:43 PM
"What a prick." Ingrid muttered as she translated another line from Virgil. "No wonder Dryden liked him so much. No one else has had a stick shoved as firmly up their ass as those two." She took a sip from her dirty chai and leaned back in her chair, away from the copy of Georgics. A quick glance around the cafe. Two blinks. A sigh. A revitalizing inhale. Nose back in the book. Without looking, Ingrid placed her cup back on the table. The edge of the table.

"Not thi--MOTHER--" The mug falls to the ground, breaking clean in two. Chai everywhere. "...all KINDS of ducks" Ingrid muttered angrily. Spilling things was one of her top skills, and the one that gave her the most trouble. She looked at the mess on the ground, then at her table. Virgil remained completely dry. "Screw you." She said to the Roman poet. She picked up the mug, carefully, and began to wipe the floor down with her napkin. Suddenly, she felt someone standing over her. She looks up, irritation in her eyes.

May 14 2017, 09:31 PM
Name: Ingrid Lohengramm
Age: 19
Enrolled at: Monroe College

Are you an out-of-state student or did you grow up in the area?

I grew up outside of Boston. I absolutely hated it there. I'm an intelligent, sedate girl. I hate my parents and I don't care about money. Hell, I don't care about anything. I wanted to go somewhere I didn't know anybody...

What are you majoring in?

Classical Languages and Literature

When are you expecting to graduate?


What are you planning to do after you finish college?

I don't plan much of anything. Most of my plans end up in ruins, so I try not to make any.

What is your OoC name?: abby
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