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Atlas Lennox


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Mar 6 2017, 10:46 PM
Thread Warnings! Abuse mostly but I will tag each post accordingly.

Atlas Lennox
October 31st

This is supposed to help, thats what my therapist says, I don't talk much during our sessions and she gets annoyed I can tell. Maybe that's why she gave me this exercise as she calls it, it's silly really since there's nothing active about writing in a book. She's says it's to help me express my feelings, whatever that means. She asked me if I was sad when Mom and Dad got taken away, I didn't say anything. What if I said something wrong and she got mad? What if I upset her when I said words? I don't want to do that so I didn't say anything. I never say anything, I don't want to make people mad but my bigger brother gets mad when I don't speak. He says I'm being dumb. Maybe I am. I don't understand what anyone wants from me and it hurts my head, I don't understand why Aristaios left, maybe it's my fault everyone leaves? Mom and Dad left, they say it was because they were a bad Mom and Dad but maybe we were bad kids? It doesn't even come to people's minds that maybe we were all bad kids, maybe not Eurydice, she's too quiet and small. Aristaios maybe, he used to make Mom and Dad so mad, so did I. I was mouthy, that's what dad said I was, he was probably right. I talked back which is wrong, I should've been better, yes maybe we were just bad children.
Feb 20 2017, 06:30 PM
About the Character
Name: Open name and Surname
Age: 21-25
Gender: Female
School: can be a student. Employed at Mom and Pops dinner.
Grade: Whichever
Appearance: no preferences
Suggested Play-By:
Danielle Panabaker
Candice Patton
Personality: This lady would have to be super patient but also caring and kind. She needs to be the type that wants to help a person and such. Can be somewhat wild and will drag Atlas out.
History: this is pretty open, but I'd like her to not have to dark a past but maybe something that she can relate to Atlas somehow? It's pretty open.
Additional Information:
This girl is going to be Atlas's first crush and possibly more but that can be discussed. Atlas doesn't know how to handle having a crush so this will be an interesting dynamic to play with and I think they'd be fun.

About the Claimer
How often do you want the person to post? once a week at least but I get that rl happens.
Other: skype courtrp96

About the Character
Name: Open name and Surname
Age: 35-40
Gender: Male
Occupation: psychologist or psychiatrist
Appearance: no preferences
Suggested Play-By:
Tom Cavannah
Jesse L Martin
Personality: I'm thinking he's pretty firm and determined but does truly care about people so much so that he puts his own neck on the line to help. Needs to be somewhat authoritive and fatherly. Eccentric.
History: #abuse
this is pretty open but I'm thinking maybe he had sibling that suffered some abuse of sorts and didn't get the help they needed or cooperate so it didn't end well which would he his motivation behind trying to get Atlas to do so. Maybe he has a kid but that is pretty open.
Additional Information:
So this guy is going to be Atlas's new therapist as he hasn't been talking to the current one. Atlas is going to eventually see him as a father figure and mentor. I see them becoming quite close friends practically Family but this can be discussed.

About the Claimer
How often do you want the person to post? once a week at least but I get that rl happens.
Other: Skype courtrp96
Jan 23 2017, 10:58 AM
Atlas Adonis Lennox

23 ♦ Straight ♦ Dishwasher ♦ Selective Mute

WARNING// Abuse!

Atlas is one of the Lennox children who were locked in their mansion their whole lives. Subject to abuse by their parents until July 2016 when they were discovered after his older sibling escaped and made the authorities aware of the situation. Atlas had long since stopped talking to anyone but his younger sister and occasionally his other siblings. He's become so reliant on others and definitely doesn't think he can do anything for himself. He avoids reasonability and tends to ignore things he's told by his therapist. He's not got the courage to overcome his demons.


Atlas is a selective mute as well as being reclusive, he avoids other people and spends lots of time hidden away in his bedroom in the mansion. He isn't at all social but with some patience and gentle persuasion he might be able to make a silent friend and maybe will open up. His therapist is encouraging it but Atlas isn't listening.


Atlas doesn't speak so creating enemies might be hard, he has strong opinions on many things but won't say it he'll just sort of huff and stomp off. He's somewhat like a child in a 23 year olds body and so tends to work on people's nerves.


Again difficult with him being reclusive and not speaking but who knows. Patience and gentle persuasion could work, he's curious enough to possibly lead on too.

He needs everything, I want your ideas so hit me up.

Jethro Alistair Reigns

22 ♦ Straight ♦ Bartender ♦ Student at Monroe College

Jethro is studying criminology at Monroe university. He's a friendly guy that's incredibly talkative and always likes to hang out with friends. He's sarcastic and snarky on the best of days and despite being friendly he does come across as cold to people he's unsure about. Jethro is a stubborn human that has a gritty determination to get things done. Just watch his temper, he fights with his fists.


Jethro is a nice enough person, he's friendly and talkative but as soon as he feels people getting to close he pushes them away. He doesn't form deep realtionships and he definitely doesn't talk about more than superficial things but he likes a good night out with friends and is up for most things


Jethro doesn't go out to make enemies but he's likely to have them. He's sarcastic and snarky to most people and he's somewhat aggressive. He is a wind up merchant though and will do things to rile someone up.


Jethro doesn't know committment and it's only when he's with a woman that he can handle physical contact. He's not very good at sticking with one woman. He loves the ladies though and he's a real flirt. He's does flings and one nighters but not much more. Maybe someone can get him to commit though.

Jan 22 2017, 04:06 PM
It was exciting to finally venture outside into the world that existed outside their little bubble, or at least it had been but for Atlas that excitement quickly faded as the realisation that the people he relied on namely his parents were gone. Of course he'd seen them get taken away, he was there but it took sometime for reality to hit him and hit him it did, the first month after they'd been discovered had been met by a complete meltdown on the part of Atlas. He couldn't care for himself, he needed his parents or that's what he believed and had always been led to believe.

They had help though all the siblings and this help was meant to encourage them and support them in their integration back into the real world. However Atlas's progress was slow, mostly due to his own doing. He wasn't working with his therapist and found himself only going to appointments, his job and then back to the mansion where he'd hideout. Atlas had done the same thing that day and had just returned home to the Lennox mansion, he shut the door behind him and headed straight for his bedroom. His bedroom was painted in cool grey colors and he found it to be a place he felt both comfort and fear. He carefully stored his shoes and clothes once he'd changed out of his uniform before grabbing the book he'd been reading and sitting down on his bed. His back straight, legs crossed.

Eurydice Lennox
Jan 21 2017, 06:35 AM

Content Warning// Mentions of Child Abuse

Full name: Atlas Adonis Lennox
Birthdate & age: April 1st, 23
Gender & pronouns: Male, He/Him/His
Orientation: Heterosexual

Nationality: American
Occupation/Major: Dishwasher
SES/social class: upper class
Education level: homeschooled
Languages known:
Physical/mental conditions: C-PTSD, Selective Mutism, OCD, DPD


Ethnicity: White
Height and build: 6ft 1, Thin
Hair color/style: Dark brown hair, short, straight style. He grows it out slightly but not much.
Voice/manner of speaking: Selective Mute, he doesn't speak to most people and when he does it is quiet, almost a whisper and monotone.
Distinguishing marks:

Fashion/way of dress:
Smart, Casual somewhat dated fashion style.

General impression:
He's dead quiet and is often alone. He's easily missed and he doesn't care. The only giveaway that he's there is his height. He is always in the corner or at the back of a crowd.


The sound of laugher
Being alone
Small spaces
The Dark
Disappointing others
Being alone
To study Forensics
None really.
Super clingy, can't make decisions for himself, needs constant reassurance, doing things for himself, hides his emotions, stubborn

What puts your character at ease:
Being with one of his siblings
What makes your character uncomfortable:
Being alone
Soft spots/vulnerabilities:
His sister, the most emotion you get out of him is when she's in the mix.
How they try to come across to others: 
A well rounded individual living the perfect life.
What they try to hide about themselves:
Only his emotions for fear of disappointing
How they really feel about themselves: 
Atlas believes he can't take care of himself and he needs someone to always take of him.

Character traits:
Excessive fidgeting, needs constant reassurance and to be told exactly what to do. Avoids all forms of responsibility.


What are your character’s thoughts on…
-- Substance use: He believes it's wrong but he's curious and his father did smoke.
-- Sex/romance:
He thinks it's weird and gross, he's not interested in it.
-- Marriage/children:
He's terrified of the idea. No more Lennox's should grace this earth.
-- Religion:
It is a coping mechanism for people who need hope.
-- Politics: he's clueless
-- Technology:
He's curious about technology but isn't very good with it.

How social are they?: Not at all social
Types of people they like:
Not many, his siblings being the only ones he likes
Types of people they dislike:
Everyone, he's just uncomfortable.
Social profile: The Lennox's were only discovered in July 2016, and were well known then. That's faded but he's known as the Lennox that doesn't speak.

Saving/spending habits:
He doesn't spend without the approval of someone, even then he prefers to hand whatever he has over and let someone else but what they think he needs.
Recreational activities:
He's not big on hobbies, he'll read a Science book and hide away.


Responsibilities at work:
Washes dishes and keep worktops, utensils and stock room clea and tidy
Length of time at current job:
Since around October 2016
How do they feel about their job?: He hates it but it means he doesn't have to speak
How is their work/life balance?:He only works two nights a week. It's a therapy thing and he's finding the exposure difficult.


Significant relatives / pets:
-- jeremy lennox, father, incarcerated
-- belinda lennox, mother, incarcerated
-- Aristaios Lennox, older brother
-- Eurydice Lennox, younger sister
-- ?? Lennox, older sibiling
Relationship with family:
Is unsure how to view his parents, loves his siblings but is terrified they'd all leave. He's quiet close to Eurydice since they're closest in age. He's devastated that Aristaios left home because he believes he needs him. He's scared he's going to be left alone one day and is incredibly clingy with his siblings.

Current residence: Lennox mansion
Description of bedroom/living space: It's super neat and clean, it has an industrial feel with the cool grey walls and bedding. It doesn't have a spec of dust or crumbs.


Place of birth/hometown: Monroeville
General history:
Locked inside his home for most of his life Atlas found himself desiring to go outside, explore the world beyond their tiny mansion. He often heard the children playing and he wondered where the noise was coming from. Atlas was somewhat wild and mischievous, he was noisy, talkative and full of energy but as he grew that changed and he became more reserved never speaking at all. His talking often for him into trouble, because he often mouthed off and said things that angered his parents including using less than savoury language, eventually he stopped talking all together.

His older brother eventually escaped and led the authorities to them. Atlas was happy that their parents had to leave and he knew they were wrong but he needed them. He is terrified of not having someone to take care of him. Then his older brother moved out of the mansion and Atlas had a major meltdown about it. He's a little more settled now and follows his remaining siblings around.

How their past affects them:
Atlas has become afraid to speak out of turn so he just doesn't speak to anyone unless it's his sister. He's also heavily dependant on other people to make decisions for him and approve of Everything he does.
Character’s feelings about their past: He's trying to pretend it never existed, he's trying to understand why it happened and he's just trying to move forward while shying away from the world.
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