Welcome to Will to Live, a RP set in the fictional town of Monroeville, Maine. Orginally a small fishing village turned college town turned tourist trap, long-time locals are now outnumbered by newcomers in their ever-expanding hometown. Plots are primarily member-driven, with a wide range of interesting and diverse characters to interact with. Feel free to jump right in; fresh perspectives and ideas are always welcome.

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Apr 10 2018, 11:43 PM
drag him out your window
dragging out the dead

Jess Dubois & Alex Keane

thread warnings: possessiveness, stalking, violence

In the passing months, JD has been able to feel herself slipping. Back into old habits, old thought patterns, old... preoccupations, you could say. Dumpster fires and vandalism are one thing, but being stuck in this place for so long and seeing all the same faces day in and day out has made her restless. Things with Dahlia haven't been much better. Dahlia herself, oh she's fine, perfect, more than perfect. But the problem lies in that she can't seem to understand how she's too good for all this, that this place and all her shitty friends are holding her back. She's almost content with sitting here and rotting with the rest of the bougie garbage living here.

Jess can't let that happen.

So she's taking matters into her own hands. There's already a plan set in motion to devolve things with the Rose Garden but Alex, he's a different nut to crack.

Now that she's dropped out from UMM, she has a lot more time on her hands to figure out just what she needs to do. And today, despite a thrumming headache, she has been covertly driving around town to follow Alex throughout his business. Making note of the places he's gone, the people he's talked to, things she can use. When he's finally home for the night, she parks down the street and waits for about twenty minutes before approaching his front door.

Then knocks, loud, before pasting a friendly smile on her face.
Dec 16 2017, 02:10 AM
Give in to that easy living
Goodbye to my hopes and dreams

Jess Dubois & Temperance Fitzpatrick
[ JD and her father move to town ]

thread warnings
| alcohol |


William Dean's large, four-door truck (with small u-haul hitched to the back) makes its way through Little Haven trailer park around sunset, engine roaring as ice-caked tire chains pull them over the road until stopping at trailer #30. JD gets out from the driver's side, slamming her door shut and then letting out Lenin from the back seat so he can run out and start sniffing around.

JD reaches back into the truck to grab a backpack and an old duffle bag while her dad exits the passenger side, making his way to the door with a large set of keys in one hand and a tall can of beer in the other. She pulls the bags over her shoulders and follows after.

Will stops at the door of the trailer, looking up as Lenin starts to bark. “Jessica, control your fuckin’ dog,” he says loudly, unlocking the door and swinging it open as he enters.


“You really still pullin’ this smartass shit, huh?”

Ignoring him, JD makes her way in after, tossing her two bags to the ground before making her way out to the truck again, saying to herself, "Smartass shit, alright. Asshole."
Nov 26 2017, 03:39 PM
Watching the signals that you send
I wanna feel lethal on the inside

Jess Dubois (x) & Dahlia Sawyer (x)

thread warnings | possessiveness, stalking, illness/death,

It's the early evening and Jess pulls up next to the sidewalk in her dad's truck (still just as dirty and loud as it ever is), parking in front of Dahlia's neighbor's house. She turns her hat back and pulls out her cracked phone to text Dahlia that she's here, but instead takes a moment to reread their texts from the other night first. She feels weirdly shitty about this whole thing since her dad's only been getting more unbearable, and seeing her girlfriend having a good time hanging out with fucking Alex of all people hasn't been helping. Like, okay, he's a chill enough dude when Pizza Rat is together working on band stuff, but Dahlia's off limits. Especially since Alex is like... empathetic or whatever about her dad being sick.

(Big bummer, boo hoo, people get sick and die all the fucking time.)

It's like some cliche John Green crap even though she's never read John Green. Jess just knows she fucking hates it (knows she got angry enough to think of visiting Alex's place), and so she left Dahlia on read last night and hasn't bothered to reply to any of her following texts today until she finally sends:

To: *Dahlia Sawyer
    Hey, I've been out front, hurry up. Bring snacks.

Throwing her phone back down on the passenger seat, she figures Dahlia will take a while to actually come down since she was only given a general time to be ready by and Jess made a point of being early. She props her feet up on the dashboard and cracks open the Woolf book she's read through before and has been planning on writing about for one of her bullshit classes.

She ignores when she hears her phone buzz, only looking up when she notices the front door of the Sawyer residence finally open.
Nov 19 2017, 03:08 PM
for Eurydice Lennox
thread warnings | stalking

It's like, 2 am or whatever and JD is strolling through Bernie's 24-hour-market.

She ambles along with a pack of oreos shoved into her backpack, dragging her feet as if pulled about only by her passing whims. But she is, in fact, here for a reason. She's figured out this Lennox chick's schedule and knows her brother works at that Mexican place down Cherry - except he's decided to not talk to her anymore (and even called the cops when she showed up at his apartment), so Jess figures she might as well see what she can learn from miss grocery stocker.

(She wants to see how much of the stories are true, if they're really as fucked up as they seem. And, hey, maybe she just wants to fuck with them a little bit. Welcome to the Real World and all that shit.)

So JD turns down the aisle where Eurydice is occupying herself with putting up new price tags, and slows to a stop beside her, leaning against the shelves of cans and other processed garbage.

"Heyyy, I got a few questions. Think you can help a customer out?" she asks a little bit too loudly.
Jul 7 2017, 07:45 PM
Dahlia Sawyer
#jd is awful im sorry

It’s almost midnight, very nearly April first, and JD is convinced she has the best prank-slash-birthday idea.

So she’s strolling down the block in the suburbs, away from where she parked her dad’s truck and towards where she knows the Sawyer residence to be located. When she reaches their yard, she carefully makes her way along the side of the property towards where Dahlia’s room is on the second floor. Noticing a lowered potion of the roof over here along with some trash bins pushed up against the wall, JD figures she can use them to climb up and then use the ledge to get to the window.

It’s perfect.

She’ll need both hands to climb though, and so lifts the ski-mask that she’s been walking with and pulls it onto her head, not yet pulling it over her face. Only once she’s already at the window does she do that. She then flips open her pocket-knife and reaches forward to taps it against the window a couple of times. She just plans to give Dahlia a simple scare - it’s the kind of prank she thinks is fucking hilarious because of how badly everyone seems to react to it. Dahlia is Dahlia though, and JD wants to see what’ll happen.

And taps again.
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