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Jess Dubois

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Mar 16 2017, 07:01 PM



Maybe Jess should have waited the extra hour or two for the sun to set further down into the sky. After going through all the trouble of unpacking the spray cans from the boxes stacked in her father's apartment earlier today, it would fucking suck to get caught this fast. Especially by a PD as bad as this one. Aren't there like, small town murders to look into or some shit?


It's a minor inconvenience, mostly. Keeping out of sight until it seems the police cruiser has finished its rounds in the area and then waiting about ten more minutes before beginning to set up. Grabbing the black spray can, she vigorously shakes it and then covers up her mouth with a paper face-mask.

She takes a step back from the wall before her and quickly marks a half-circle into the concrete brick.
Jan 30 2017, 12:18 AM
#smoking #animal neglect/abuse maybe?

Icy grass crunches under JD's feet as she stomps her way though the park where she's been smoking hand-rolled cigarettes, tossing rocks out on the small frosted lake to see if she could crack the ice, and enjoying her goddamn fucking slurpee on the swings. She's bored as hell, half scoping out the area and half just letting the time pass so she can crash some TGIF Party or whatever the fuck.

Though... it'll be a while considering the sun is only just starting to set.

She likes to call this turbulent boredom, more than your everyday recommended dose that takes a hell of a lot to really make go away. More than just a regular party, so if she even manages to find one, she's gotta make sure she scores in some way or another to make today worth it.

Coming to the sidewalk near the street, JD jaywalks to the house across the street where a dog has been barking and that then gets louder as she approaches.

"Maaan, you really shouldn't be outside, should you? Paws are probably freezing, poor guy." She pauses to take another small drink from her slurpee before continuing her one-sided conversation as the dog continues to bark at her, "Listen up, you ask nice and maybe I'll help you outta here."
Jan 15 2017, 12:31 AM
content warnings: military, implied abuse, foster care, parental death,


Full name: Jessica Lynette Dubois
Nickname: J.D. or Jess
Birthdate & age: April 1st 1998, nineteen
Gender & pronouns: Female, she/her/hers. Doesn’t correct people on the off-chance they misgender her because she doesn’t care and gender is fake anyway.
Orientation: Lesbian

Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: O+
Dominant Hand: Left

Nationality: American
Occupation/Major: Philosophy Major
Education level: Freshman
SES/social class: Working Class
Languages known: English. Claims she knows a bunch of others but that’s a lie.
Physical/mental conditions: Reactive Attachment Disorder of Childhood (diagnosed age 3). Disinhibited Attachment Disorder of Childhood (diagnosed age 4). ADHD (diagnosed age 6), Conduct Disorder (diagnosed age 8), compulsive lying, Unspecified Personality Disorder (diagnosed age 18, pending).


Ethnicity: White
Height and build: 5’9, androgynous figure, slim with toned arms/good upper body strength from lifting shit and fighting. Kinda broad shoulders?
Hair color/style: Light brown, short. Typically has it styled off her forehead but in a calculated, intentionally messy sort of way. She has an image to maintain, get with the program.
Voice/manner of speaking: Kinda deep voice with varying degrees of blunt and flat affect. However, when she gets worked up, she can be all kinds of aggressive expressive. Vague accent that you can't quite place.
Distinguishing marks: A few simple stick-and-poke tattoos. A bandage on her right upper thigh, this (this on the inside of her left ankle, and a triangle on the right side of her ribs.

Fashion/way of dress: Her grandfather’s sick ass trench coat is one of her staples. Often times goes for androgynous or masc looks that are also comfortable. Lots of button ups. Maybe three too many old school anime shirts and other post-ironic 90's-looking garbage.

General impression: She carries herself like she’s the best damn thing in the room, usually with pretty good posture since her dad’s an asshole retired military guy. You can tell she’s got an attitude from a mile away. Aggressive military brat.


Likes: being That Asshole / Devil’s Advocate that everyone hates, being offensive, conflict, drama, sleeping with dude's girlfriends, rolled cigarettes, talking to strangers, 7/11 Slurpees
Dislikes: police, authority, rules, sensitive/thin skinned people, men, society
Fears: good luck getting that out of her
Dreams/Goals: good luck with this too
Strengths: charismatic, assertive
Flaws: insensitive, tactless, crude, kinda disorganized
Quirks: not great with that empathy stuff

What puts your character at ease:
What makes your character uncomfortable:
Soft spots/vulnerabilities:
How they try to come across to others:
What they try to hide about themselves:
How they really feel about themselves:

Character traits: (aspects of their personality that were not covered by the above sections)


What are your character’s thoughts on…
-- Substance use: Decriminalize all of it. Partakes in whatever, partially thanks to reckless and impulsive behavior, but also because she doesn’t give a shit and it makes her feel good.
-- Sex/romance: Romance is dead, and most the people she’s slept with have been shit at it.
-- Marriage/children: Marriage is a scam. Children are disgusting and evil.
-- Religion: She’s a gross and super condescending militant atheist.
-- Politics: Burn it to the ground. She’s some kind of anarchist. Maybe anarcho-communist?
-- Technology: People are too preoccupied with it and social media is a fucking scam to steal all your information.

How social are they?: Inappropriately casual and close with strangers.
Types of people they like:
Types of people they dislike:
Social profile:Reputation for being a major trouble maker, party-crasher, absolute pain in the ass.

Saving/spending habits: Doesn’t really have much to spend. When she does, she tends to blow it on impulsive shit.
Recreational activities: (e.g. hobbies / clubs / sports / what they do on weekends)


Major/Favorite subject: Philosophy
GPA: Around 2.5
How do they feel about their school?: Her dad forced her to apply. She doesn’t want to be here. It’s shit, but not as shit as MC at least.
How studious are they?: Not very unless she doesn’t have anything else to do.
After-school/part time job: Nah, though her dad’s probably been pressuring her to.


Significant relatives / pets:
-- Dad, 53, retired military guy & deconstruction worker
-- Mom, deceased
-- Lenin, 10, dog (1, 2, 3)

Relationship with family: "Family is a social construct." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Current residence: with dad
Description of bedroom/living space: messy


Place of birth/hometown: ??? (always gives a different answer)
General history: Long time military family. Her grandfather and father were both fairly high ranking. Her dad kept getting moved around (secretly it's because of all sorts of misconduct on his part). Parents generally not good people and things were... Very Rough :^). She was intermittently in foster care and they frequently dealt with CPS. However, it was hard to keep track of them because of how frequently they moved. Mother died in an accident, for which her father was briefly investigated for. Shady things going on there. Still somehow ended up with her dad, and because she doesn't have anywhere else to go she's still with him.

How their past affects them: HAHA
Character’s feelings about their past: :^)
Jan 12 2017, 01:22 PM
Name: Jessica Lynette Dubois. Don't fucking call me that though, I go by J.D.
Age: 19
Enrolled at: University of Maine at Monroeville

Are you an out-of-state student or did you grow up in the area? Out of state. Where? None of your business.

What are you majoring in? Philosophy, mostly to piss my dad off.

When are you expecting to graduate? Probably four years, we'll see since I'm starting a semester late. But the world's probably gonna crash and burn before then so whatever.

What are you planning to do after you finish college? Live my life and get what I want.

What is your OoC name? Taylor
Link to account of your last character: Aristaios Lennox
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