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Jul 7 2017, 07:45 PM
Dahlia Sawyer
#jd is awful im sorry

It’s almost midnight, very nearly April first, and JD is convinced she has the best prank-slash-birthday idea.

So she’s strolling down the block in the suburbs, away from where she parked her dad’s truck and towards where she knows the Sawyer residence to be located. When she reaches their yard, she carefully makes her way along the side of the property towards where Dahlia’s room is on the second floor. Noticing a lowered potion of the roof over here along with some trash bins pushed up against the wall, JD figures she can use them to climb up and then use the ledge to get to the window.

It’s perfect.

She’ll need both hands to climb though, and so lifts the ski-mask that she’s been walking with and pulls it onto her head, not yet pulling it over her face. Only once she’s already at the window does she do that. She then flips open her pocket-knife and reaches forward to taps it against the window a couple of times. She just plans to give Dahlia a simple scare - it’s the kind of prank she thinks is fucking hilarious because of how badly everyone seems to react to it. Dahlia is Dahlia though, and JD wants to see what’ll happen.

And taps again.
Jun 30 2017, 05:18 PM

JD hooks the dog leash to Lenin’s black, spiked collar and calls him out of the back seats of her dad’s shitty truck. She’s parked at the 24-hour gas station a block and a half from Primrose Apartments, having spent most the day driving out of town because she was bored and wanted to check out a couple different exotic pet stores that weren’t absolutely shitty.

She wasn’t planning on stopping on the way home, but Lenin had been whining and nipping at her for about ten minutes on the freeway before exiting. She figures this works out anyway because she’s been meaning to briefly check out a few of the apartment complexes around here. She heard that one of the creepy kids found in the woods last year now lives in this area, and has been itching to figure out where exactly that might be.

Nearing the front of Primrose Apartments, however, JD catches sight of one the last people she would really expect to be down here on Cherry Street, color-coded in green as always, miss Rosalie Duke.

“Well, well, well, funny seeing you here, huh?”
Jun 25 2017, 01:13 AM
Contact: Dahlia Sawyer
Time: Wed 3/22, 7:23pm
    Greetings and salutations, Sawyer.
Mar 16 2017, 07:01 PM



Maybe Jess should have waited the extra hour or two for the sun to set further down into the sky. After going through all the trouble of unpacking the spray cans from the boxes stacked in her father's apartment earlier today, it would fucking suck to get caught this fast. Especially by a PD as bad as this one. Aren't there like, small town murders to look into or some shit?


It's a minor inconvenience, mostly. Keeping out of sight until it seems the police cruiser has finished its rounds in the area and then waiting about ten more minutes before beginning to set up. Grabbing the black spray can, she vigorously shakes it and then covers up her mouth with a paper face-mask.

She takes a step back from the wall before her and quickly marks a half-circle into the concrete brick.
Jan 30 2017, 12:18 AM
#smoking #animal neglect/abuse maybe?

Icy grass crunches under JD's feet as she stomps her way though the park where she's been smoking hand-rolled cigarettes, tossing rocks out on the small frosted lake to see if she could crack the ice, and enjoying her goddamn fucking slurpee on the swings. She's bored as hell, half scoping out the area and half just letting the time pass so she can crash some TGIF Party or whatever the fuck.

Though... it'll be a while considering the sun is only just starting to set.

She likes to call this turbulent boredom, more than your everyday recommended dose that takes a hell of a lot to really make go away. More than just a regular party, so if she even manages to find one, she's gotta make sure she scores in some way or another to make today worth it.

Coming to the sidewalk near the street, JD jaywalks to the house across the street where a dog has been barking and that then gets louder as she approaches.

"Maaan, you really shouldn't be outside, should you? Paws are probably freezing, poor guy." She pauses to take another small drink from her slurpee before continuing her one-sided conversation as the dog continues to bark at her, "Listen up, you ask nice and maybe I'll help you outta here."
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