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Rosalie Duke

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Feb 16 2018, 05:38 PM
just one night's all we got
ft: The Rose Garden (Rosemary Chandler, Rosalie Duke, Dahlia Sawyer)
( warnings : look there's gonna be something )

    setting: one of those Whale's Way houses, where on the night of the blizzard one of the Kappa boys invited a very exclusive set of people to party it away at his house. of course, as these things go, exclusive went from maybe twenty five of your closest kappa pals to over fifty college students from both campuses.

    here, of course, is where the rose garden comes in.

    of course they're there, and of course they were invited. at least, that's what they'll insist.
*comes to her group with two things in hand: a fancy Rolex and a red cup* "You know, Kyle straight the fuck up almost threw this into the punch bowl," *laughing* "what a fucking moron."
Nov 23 2017, 05:23 PM
to die, to sleep
to sleep, perchance to dream

Rosalie Duke [x] & Dahlia Sawyer
[ warnings : gendered slurs, (internalized) homophobia, bullying, general meanness, bad vibes man ]

Green is supposed to be her color, designated sometime in high school back when Rosalind joined them and the three of them started to be more exclusive. She didn't mind at the time, greens were easy to find while thrift shopping, and further Rosemary said she looked good in green.

It didn't take too long for her to get tired of it though. Rosemary had only complimented her a handful of times, and it always seemed compliments fell on her more. Rosemary looked amazing in red, stunning really, Rosalie could vouch for that herself. In her mind, an illogical thought took root, to brush aside the other thoughts that came when she looked enviously at one of her friends.

It's the color.

She wouldn't dare do something like this right in front of Rosemary's face. Like many things about her life, she keeps it blocked away from her friends.

Clothes she's taken from them, reds and blues and yellows, things she found while thrift shopping that made her think they would look hot in this, things she bought and kept for herself. They're not allowed to see the inside of her apartment, where it smells like weed and liquor and when her brother is home the sound of yelling into a mic on screen to fifteen year olds playing Call of Duty. They're not allowed to meet her brother, or know about her mother, or see her on the top of Primrose Heights smoking cigarettes with Cass Koller and Zabana Hart.

Usually, she only wears red at home.

But, Dahlia's invited her somewhere, openly, just the two of them, with something only they share that Rose won't let the other two into. She's feeling bold enough, and so when she gets off the bus stop and into Dahlia's car, she's practically preening.

She's actually pretty happy like this.

"I brought a flask, for when we get there, of course, since you're actually driving." Still, happy or not, when she looks back at Dahlia it's with a sour sort of smile, like she's won something, though she wouldn't know for what. "Does JD not care for Hamlet, then?"
Jul 15 2017, 10:21 PM


She doesn’t get along with her neighbors very often.

But then, Rosalie Duke doesn’t really get along with anyone very often, including her so called friends.

But, it was different in Primrose Heights. Different here because of how ugly everything was. Once she’d been inside of Rosemary’s home, or the practical mansion that was Rosalind’s, or hell even Dahlia’s house looked nothing short of luxurious

well, it made her more bitter about her own situation. About this place. She was above it, she should have been above it, like them.

She’s sure her friends laugh at her behind her back about it

(she knows she would do the same).

Still, often isn’t always, and she’s capable of existing in Primrose Heights without throwing a tantrum every day of her life. This time: it’s summer, it’s hot, and Rosalie’s lounging outside on a lawn chair on the roof, smoking one of Jeffrey Esser’s cigarettes that she reserves only for when she knows she’s not going to be out with Rose and Rose and Dahlia smelling like tobacco and shit.

But, she’d heard it helped you stay skinny, and so she did this every once in a while, when she needed to switch things up a bit.

Up here also are the two girls with big, creepy eyes who stare a lot. Who, normally, she would ignore. But, normally isn’t always, and so at one point Rosalie’s shaking Jeff’s cigarette pack in the air, calling attention to herself.

“Who wants one?” she says, pulling her own from her lips, “they’re not mine so I can share for once.”
Jan 20 2017, 06:39 PM
so i guess we’ll do it her way
Rosemary Chandler & Rosalie Duke
    thread warnings: fat shaming, unhealthy relationships, internalized misogyny & homophobia, ableism & classism, obsessive / possessive thoughts, general meanness / bullying i'm sorry about rosalie duke forever and always

late august, 2011

Rosalie Duke came to town in a hush in sixth grade, blending in far too easily after her first introductions with her mouth shut and her looks mousey and drowned out in too-big clothes that were hand-me-downs from her brother-and-guardian. No one knew much about her, few people were able to find a lot of gossip, and any conversation with her ended abruptly. She was bland, and with her nose in classic books all the time she was also haughty about it whenever someone came her way.

There’s nothing to know

(here are the things to know:

Rosalie Duke had one friend in the sixth grade, she’s never spoken her name since. Not that Penny Carpenter is a name no one knew in their grade, in a small town. A shy, chubby nerd who’s own older brother would often drag her over to the Duke’s to play video games with her brother on his days off work, their friendship was limited to the walls of Primrose Heights.

It was also, in Rosalie’s mind, limited to Penny.

In Rosalie’s mind, Penny Carpenter was a bore. Fat and ugly and boring with stupid ideas of happy endings and fairy tales.

Still, she brought books over that Rosalie couldn’t get. She let Rosalie talk about the romances of Wuthering Heights and the magic and nobility of King Arthur’s court or those Greek tragedies that sometimes made her laugh and scream.

Still, Penny Carpenter was the first girl, the first person Rosalie ever kissed. And that went well, maybe, until their brothers came back in the room and dragged them apart, snapping and yelling about how fucked up that was. The two of them make up excuses about practicing for boys and this is that and nothing more. Rosalie Duke would like to forget it, would like to forget about Penny Carpenter except for one very important thing

it was after redoing her look, shopping at Goodwill and other thrift stores around town and buying half off make up or getting Penny to steal from her mom

that she’d dragged Penny to a high school party in the summer before eighth grade

and then ditched her, because god of gods above the perfect princess of middle school was talking to her, was talking to her, had smiled that thin little smile at her and said sorry, do I know you? and Rosalie Duke felt her chest pulling her forward and forward and--

that’s all.

That’s where she starts herself.)

Rosalie Duke comes to school in eighth grade changed. She’s taken note, flipped through fashion magazines when her brother and her go grocery shopping and snapped pictures from a new cell phone. She’s watched Rosemary Chandler for damn near a year now and mimics her style with knock-off to her designer and when she finally looks in the mirror the first day of school she thinks: yes, I’m ready now.

Breezes past Penny, who tries and fails again to talk to her at school, looking downcast. Through the whole morning, Rosalie thinks of what she’ll say, what she’ll do if she has a class with Rosemary.

And then, finally, at lunch

she goes up to her, only a clear plastic bag of pumpkin seeds in hand as she’d finished the rest of her ugly lunch throughout the day. She thinks this looks cool, she thinks she looks good

she’s all smiles when she says: “Hi there, Rosemary!”

(Like she’ll remember this time.)
Dec 18 2016, 08:04 PM
warnings for disordered eating, internalized misogyny and homophobia, gendered slurs, homophobic slurs, body image issues, bullying, general mean girlness, classism, etc


Full name: Rosalie Marie Duke
Birthdate & age: October 30, 1998
Gender & pronouns: girl | she/her
Orientation: lesbian af 100% straight

Nationality: American
Occupation/Major: English major
SES/social class: Working Class
Education level: some college
Languages known: English
Physical/mental conditions: Personality disorder with borderline and histrionic traits, bulimia nervosa


Ethnicity: Filipina/Latina
Height and build: 5'6" and kind of curvy, she's got hips and boobs which honestly she hates, and a soft stomach. She has a l o t of body image issues, honestly.
Hair color/style: Dark dark brown, almost black and she keeps it long. Usually she doesn't do much beyond leaving it loose or a ponytail, but for special events she'll play around with looks. She tries to keep it smooth and shining and clean and beautiful~
Voice/manner of speaking: Goes between extremes. Usually, when she's in brown-nosing mode she's pretty obvious about it, sort of simpering and pleading with her voice an octave higher than it would be normally. When she drops that act her voice drops back down, becomes snide and really nasty and presumptive. She very definitely has valley girl tones.
Distinguishing marks: Ear and belly button piercings

Fashion/way of dress: Thrift shop chic, she doesn't have a lot of money to buy things but she tends to shop smart for vintage / Goodwill / thrifty garage sale finds that match the current styles of the week. She generally wears tighter fitting clothes and really likes fancy blazers, though most of her good / warm coats are big bulky hand-me-downs from her brother.

Since becoming friends with Rosemary Chandler, most of her outfits have a theme of "green" in them, because Rose Said So, though she owns some red pieces to spite her bff. She generally tries very hard to copy Rosemary Chandler's style.

General impression: (e.g. posture / how they carry themselves, are they intimidating / easy to overlook, how much effort they put into coming across that way, etc)



What puts your character at ease: Thinking she's loved and listened to and adored. Alt: reading alone in her room.
What makes your character uncomfortable: Rose Chandler being disappointed in her, feeling like she's fucked something up.
Soft spots/vulnerabilities: She's very very gay but thinks this is "wrong" and therefore is very very homophobic to make up for it. Anyone calling her out on "liking girls" immediately puts her on the spot and makes her ultra defensive. Also, her weight and her bulimia and her friends/enemies.
How they try to come across to others: Rose Chandler's very dependable right hand! Better than you!
What they try to hide about themselves: That she's poor and bitter and angry and envious and she hates and wants to kiss all her best friends simultaneously.
How they really feel about themselves: Honestly she has just enough denial to love herself pretty well, everyone else is the problem even Rose Chandler sometimes what a bitch! (she's perfect)

Character traits: (aspects of their personality that were not covered by the above sections)


What are your character’s thoughts on…
-- Substance use: will do anything if you're paying attention to her.
-- Sex/romance: she's hella gay but hella in the closet there so most her relationships are with dudes because... that's what they're supposed to be right? she's had sex and dated a lot, but she's incredibly repulsed by... dudes, she's incredibly repulsed by dudes, she doesn't get why you're a lesbian, Rose why??
-- Marriage/children: haha fuck no
-- Religion: family background is Catholic but she and her brother don't pay attention to that at all
-- Politics: omg who cares
-- Technology: social media junkie and can be a real cyber bully honestly

How social are they?: she's not... friendly but she'll talk to anyone who's listening
Types of people they like: people who praise her
Types of people they dislike: people who don't praise her
Social profile: moved to Monroeville in sixth grade, went to MHS and was a part of a girl bully group called the Rose Garden. she's just really mean okay. currently on a scholarship to MC where she still... hangs out with the Rose Garden and is still a huge asshole.

Saving/spending habits: thrifty because she HAS to be, but she definitely depends on her brother and friends for like food and stuff while she spends most of her money on clothes and shoes.
Recreational activities: she does whatever Rose Chandler wants her to do... alt, she likes reading she's a book snob who ONLY LIKES THE CLASSICS SNIFF


Major/Favorite subject: English
GPA: 4.0 (not that she admits this)
How do they feel about their school?: do you know how fucking jazzed she is that she actually GOT INTO COLLEGE??? okay she GUESSES
How studious are they?: she has flashcards on her phone for whenever Rose ditches her at a party ugh studying's for losers
After-school/part time job: sheee probably should but


Significant relatives / pets:
-- Geoffrey "Goff" Duke (32, older brother and guardian)

Relationship with family: She and her brother hate each other pretty badly but they admit that they'd rather live with each other than anywhere else. Rosalie wouldn't know how to live on her own, after all, and her brother's a slob without her. Plus like, they've been through A Lot together so while they snipe and gripe at each other they will combine forces against outsiders trying to sideeye their lifestyle.

Current residence: Shitty two room apartment in Primrose Heights
Description of bedroom/living space:


Place of birth/hometown: nope
General history: Was born Somewhere, moved here with her brother in the sixth grade. "What happened to your parents?" Tentatively: dad disappeared, mom's in the army and her mom went to Iraq whatever. She was quiet and pretentious up until eighth grade when she befriended Rose Chandler and became LOUD and pretentious and mean. They went through high school together picking up Rosalind MacNamara and Dahlia Sawyer along the way and she was pretty mean and harsh and cruel to others.

Then she got a full ride scholarship to MC that she'd been working on forever and was super fucking jazzed. Anyway she's still hanging out w her friends too.

How their past affects them:
Character’s feelings about their past:
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