Welcome to Will to Live, a RP set in the fictional town of Monroeville, Maine. Orginally a small fishing village turned college town turned tourist trap, long-time locals are now outnumbered by newcomers in their ever-expanding hometown. Plots are primarily member-driven, with a wide range of interesting and diverse characters to interact with. Feel free to jump right in; fresh perspectives and ideas are always welcome.

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Jun 30 2017, 05:41 PM

Don Weiser has only just started visiting the bars in town again, and all the usual friendly faces at McCarthy’s are happy to see him. Paul buys him one of the new local brew they’ve got in circulation and starts talking about the promotion he got last month, then how his wife wants to put off having a second kid for another year. Don laughs, and it’s easy for him to say, “Oh trust me, Paul, you’ll be glad for that extra year later on down the road.”

They continue to catch up on the last several months, and when Paul starts asking more about where Don disappeared off to, he stumbles through some half-lie about how after the peak in the crabbing season he made himself busy fixing things up at his place, stuff that’s been busted since he moved in and improvements that he’d put off since last spring. He vaguely mentions having family pass through, but doesn’t elaborate.

When Paul has to leave, Don chats with the bartender and a couple of the other people he’s familiar with there, still being somewhat vague and generally less open than before. He orders another beer and takes his hat off to set down on the counter, barely listening to the now-drifting conversation. He looks up at one of the tv screens and notices as a young woman sits down at one of the empty stools next to him, looking a bit troubled.

“Hey, how’s your day?” he asks, friendly as always. Starting conversation off that way has always been better than being invasive and directly asking if she’s okay or if something’s wrong. Or, at least, that’s how he learned through raising his daughters.
Mar 10 2017, 01:54 AM

It's just another Sunday night at McCarthy's - far less busy than it could be, but more than Don expects.

Maybe it's the full moon? People always seem to act a little more weird during them.

Don just chuckles to himself before finishing up his beer, chiding himself for the childish thought as he looks up to one of the tv screens to keep watching the MLB playoffs. The Dodger's are losing bad, which is rough considering it's the fucking Cubs they're up against.
Sep 10 2016, 04:40 PM
content warnings:mention of self harm, some politics, sleep paralysis, paranoia, delusions

» catch a shorter glimpse: [here]


Full name: Donald James Weiser
Nicknames: Don, Bud (bc budweiser)
Birthdate & age: August 26th 1965, fifty-two
Gender & pronouns: Male, he/him/his
Orientation: Straight

Astrological Sign: Virgo
MBTI: ENFJ (protagonist personality)
Blood Type: AB+
Dominant Hand: Right

Nationality: American
Occupation: Crab fisherman for the past nine years. Before that he had a well-paying office job that he hated.
SES/social class: Lower Middle Class
Education level: Bachelor's degree in business administration.
Languages known: English, little bits of Spanish.
Physical/mental conditions: Some lower back problems from a pinched nerve that have gotten worse. Sleep paralysis, paranoia, delusions relating to conspiracy theories, government control, and aliens.


Ethnicity: White
Height and build: 6’0 and bulky. Muscular arms and shoulders from his line of work, but not fit. Some pudge around his stomach. Was kinda fit when he was younger, blames his loss of figure on office work and his marriage.
Hair color/style: Brown gone grey with a receding hairline. Cropped pretty short.
Voice/manner of speaking: Chill, relaxed Southern California accent.
Distinguishing marks: Scar from a self-inflicted wound behind his ear by the hairline. He is convinced he was abducted when he was young and that he had something implanted under his skin - so he tried to pick it out.

Fashion/way of dress: Almost never without a damn baseball hat. Chill dad aesthetic???
General impression: Warm, inviting, kind. Probably gives great hugs tbh.


Likes: his daughters, dark beers, baseball, taxidermy, conspiracy theories, cryptozoology, sub sandwiches, sunsets
Dislikes: his ex-wife, budweiser beer or cheap canned beer in general, offices of all sorts, being idle, spaghetti
Fears: aliens, abduction, ufos/usos, confined spaces, losing touch with his kids
Dreams/Goals: Maybe start some kind of fishing goods store along the boardwalk when he can’t physically keep up with crab fishing. Reconcile with his ex-wife.
Strengths: Probably the most patient person you will ever meet. Upfront and willing to help out with anything he can. Also willing to listen and learn if he messes up, does something offensive.
Flaws: A bit out of touch and in his head. Now he kinda shuts down if he gets in arguments that are aggressive rather than constructive.
Quirks: His interests. The fact that he tolerates (seems to like???) the Nödls.

What puts your character at ease:
What makes your character uncomfortable:
Soft spots/vulnerabilities: his kids
How they try to come across to others: comforting, helpful
What they try to hide about themselves:
How they really feel about themselves:

Character traits: (aspects of their personality that were not covered by the above sections)


What are your character’s thoughts on…
-- Substance use: Loves a good dark beer, drinks less than he used to. Doesn’t smoke cigarettes. Occasionally smoked pot when he lived in California - started again once Maine legalized recreational use January 2017. Figured out it's the only thing that helps a lot of his back pain. (As a teenager/young adult he did his fair share of pot and hallucinogens.)
-- Sex/romance: His ex-wife ruined romance and any notion of true love for him. Not interested anymore.
-- Marriage/children: Doesn’t intend to have another relationship, much less another marriage. Loves his daughters more than anything else in the world. Thinks it’s beautiful and selfless to have kids and doesn’t quite understand people that don’t see the same appeal.
-- Religion: Agnostic probably? Tells people he’s nonreligious but tbh his beliefs probably have something to do with aliens.
-- Politics: Ugh. Has voted third party for as long as he can remember but his ideologies have shifted a lot. He doesn't trust the government, establishment politics and media in general because... he's up to his neck in anti-government conspiracy theories.
-- Technology: Used to be better with it when he still worked his office job, not so much anymore. These kids and their fancy VR/AR/DVR/WHATEVER. He's become more avoidant of it as his paranoia has worsened.

How social are they?: He's getting used to being social again. After three kids and an office job he didn't really have time to go out and have friends. He enjoys spending time with people though! He occasionally goes out to bars to be social. Though... not so much since the last election & worsening of his mental health.
Types of people they like: Those fairly similar to him, easy going, not too rowdy.
Types of people they dislike: Argumentative, stubborn, can't admit when they are wrong (hint: his ex-wife).
Social profile: Reputations & Rumors page

Saving/spending habits: Since he switched jobs, he'd had to become quite a bit more careful with his money. Especially with the divorce costs and moving out here. Does splurge on occasion.
Recreational activities: Research into the Truth ™.


Responsibilities at work: Fishing... for crabs.....
Length of time at current job: He first got his license about 8 years ago and started crabbing in California with a big company. When his marriage fell through about a year and a half ago he moved to Monroeville and worked with a non-resident license in contract with CCC's for 6 months until he was able to get his resident license and work with the local fishing companies.
How do they feel about their job?: He loves his job tremendously, feels it was a calling of sorts and is happier now than he’s ever been.
How is their work/life balance?: He feels like it's a hell of a lot better than it used to be. Actually has free time and goes out to enjoy himself.


Significant relatives / pets:
-- parents - both deceased
-- older brother (56), younger brother (49), youngest sister (47)

-- Linda Janowski, 55, ex-wife
-- Mackenzie Weiser, 28, daughter (degree in women’s studies, recently engaged)
-- Olivia Weiser, 24, daughter (degree in psychology and bioengineering) *potential want ad for her, ask if interested*
-- Amanda Weiser, 19, daughter (started college in CA, plays volleyball) *potential want ad for her, ask if interested*

-- Pascal, 2 yrs, dog (adopted about a year ago and named by Edna)

Relationship with family: Still not really on talking terms with his ex-wife. He loves his daughters, and misses them a lot. Wishes he could have done better for them. Is starting to reestablish relationships with them, especially Mackenzie, who calls him semi-regularly.

Since Fall 2016, has fallen out of touch with his kids as his mental health has deteriorated. Mackenzie has visited him twice in person, but she wasn't able to stay long and it's at least seemed that he's taking care of himself. No one is convinced he's really okay, but they don't know what to do for him.

Current residence: 8400 Ash Tree Lane, Rural Roads (neighbors with the Nödls)
Description of bedroom/living space: Generally pretty bare and simple, earthy tones. Has started to collect some clutter and make his home feel a little more lived in and full. The second bedroom was converted into an office, which is stacked with books and papers, along with maps and graphs pinned to the walls is Edna's, filled with a bunch of her stuff. His bedroom has most of his office stuff in it now and remains locked most of the time.


Place of birth/hometown: Santa Monica, California. Has stayed in that area for most of his life.

General history:

[Brief Past Timeline]

How their past affects them:
Character’s feelings about their past:
Jul 25 2016, 02:21 PM
tag: Edna Nödl

With it being about a year and a half since moving to Monroeville, Donald starts thinking maybe it's about time he starts looking for a dog to adopt. He hasn't had one since he was a kid since his ex-wife hated them, but every time he stops by one of the nearby pounds he can't bring himself to do it just yet.

In the meantime, he's been buying things here and there in preparation - a medium sized dog bed, a food bowl, a fancy little water dispenser, a leash and harness. It reminds him a bit of when his ex-wife and him were getting ready to have their first child.

Today, along with his usual groceries, he brings home a few dog toys. With all the canvas bags in one hand, he swings open the unlocked door with the other, heading right into the kitchen to start putting things away - not bothering to shut the door after himself.
Jul 25 2016, 11:59 AM

Name: Donald "Bud" Weiser
Age: 51
Birthday: August 26
Gender: Male (he/him/his)
Orientation: Straight
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Blood Type: AB+
Dominant Hand: Right
Recreational Activities:


literally always wearing a goddamn baseball hat


Likes: baseball, taxidermy, conspiracy theories, sub sandwiches, sunset, crabs
Dislikes: budweiser beer, offices, confined spaces, being idle
Fears: losing touch with his kids

General Personality:

Types of people your character likes:
Types of people your character dislikes:
What physical scenarios make your character uncomfortable?
What mental/emotional scenarios make your character uncomfortable?
What makes your character content?
How does your character feel about...
-- Drugs?
-- Alcohol? He loves a good dark beer.
-- Sex?

What is your character's biggest secret? (don't have to write it, but just think about it)
How does your character present him/herself to the world?
What does your character really feel about him/herself?


Reason for living/staying in Monroeville?
What job does your character perform? Crab fisherman.
How long has your character worked at this job? He first got his license about 8 years ago and started crabbing in California with a big company. When his marriage fell through about a year and a half ago he moved to Monroeville and worked with a non-resident license in contract with CCC's for 6 months until he was able to get his resident license.
What are his or her responsibilities at work?
Describe a typical work day.
How does your character fit into the social scene?
What are your character's weekend activities?
Does your character like Monroeville?


Hometown/state: Santa Monica, California
Does your character like the area he/she grew up in? Yeah

Number of immediate family members:
Names and ages of siblings: 3 siblings, one older & 2 younger
Chores/roles in family:
How strict were the parents/guardians?
How much attention did your character get?
What does your character think of his/her family?

What does your character's room (at home) look like?
-- What can we find under your character's bed?
-- If there are posters/pictures on the wall, what are they?

What do people back home think about your character?


What are your character's strongest skills?
What does your character need to improve upon?

General History:
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