Welcome to Will to Live, a RP set in the fictional town of Monroeville, Maine. Orginally a small fishing village turned college town turned tourist trap, long-time locals are now outnumbered by newcomers in their ever-expanding hometown. Plots are primarily member-driven, with a wide range of interesting and diverse characters to interact with. Feel free to jump right in; fresh perspectives and ideas are always welcome.

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Adrienne Kang

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Oct 17 2017, 06:21 AM
Where I've been
It's not clean, I'm not sober

Alex Keane

Having just got off work, Adrienne decides to spend the rest of her afternoon at the Square. She'd usually head right towards Mugshots, but as the temperatures have dropped and the lines to that place have gotten even longer (and more full of people that hate her), Bernard's Cafe has been fine, she guesses.

She's headed around the corner down the block from the cafe, her sunglasses up on her head and pushing back some of her - now longer - hair. Her eyes are focused intently down at her phone as she reads, not paying much attention to her surroundings while starting to type something out on her phone.

"Ugh, bullshit," she mutters to herself under her breath.
Aug 2 2017, 12:10 AM
she will stand up straight
and tighten her grip

Nor de la Cruz & Adrienne Kang (x)
warnings || gendered slur, sex shaming

There’s something thrilling about this.

About knowing this is her last of four years taking part in the summer program here at Monroe College. Her last of four years visiting all of the booths at the end of the program’s / start of the school year’s Professional Connection and Career Fair (or whatever they’ve changed the name to). This time, Adrienne is primarily here with the legal firm she has interned at for the past year.

(She thinks they might try to offer her a full time secretary position once she graduates, which only pisses her off and makes her all the more certain of her desire to go to law school. She doesn’t want to stick around Monroeville for any longer than she has to, but she certainly doesn’t want to go back to Virginia at this point, either.)

She’s also representing Alpha Nu Omega, though her VP and other executive members are also here on behalf of the sorority, making sure to network since their community connections are something they try to boast about. Additionally, since last year, Adrienne’s been focusing on establishing a professional relationship with UMM’s Greek Life coordinators to potentially open up an Alpha chapter there. So she’s emphasized that they keep an eye out for people that likely have UMM connections, too.

In fact, it isn’t that far into the day when she catches sight of that strange slut of a UMM professor, or is it former professor? Adrienne’s never really cared to know much about her besides what she’s heard, and then of course there’s the fact that she spends entirely too much time with Elwood than can be good for her. Just look at her.

Excusing herself from the booth, Adrienne makes her way over to where Nor de la Cruz is talking to an older man that Adrienne’s sure she’s seen at the UMM administrative offices before - no wait, of course -

"Joaquín de la Cruz, right? UMM Admin?" She grins, holding out a hand "Pleasure to meet you."
Jul 31 2017, 12:35 AM
look me in the face
Adrienne Kang & Elwood Nödl

It's early August and Adrienne is already starting the transition into the new school year - deep cleaning around the Alpha Nu sorority house on top of what the school cleaning service already does on the regular. Random assortments of things have been pulled out of storage and gone through, she's shifted around furniture and switched some decor, made it something more her own.

(It's her last year and damned if it's not going to be perfect. She's not going to let a bad start to her father's court case get to her.)

The thing about this kind of reorganizing is that papers - sometimes important ones - can be lost. There was a particular stack of papers that had with it an old folder with stuff from previous events and Rush activities, including including important contact information and vendor contracts that still needed to be filed with the school. Apparently the old lady from the cleaning service called to remove the old filing cabinets that were brought up from the basement yesterday. Before Adrienne had a chance to pull out the folder or clean out any of the other papers stored in them.

So now Adrienne has to drive over there with several bags so she can bring the papers back, dressed casually with her hair tugged into a tight bun at the top of her head. When she parks, she spends a minute putting on some lipstick in the mirror just in case it makes getting what she needs a little easier. She's not quite sober enough to care how that might look.

Dropping the lipstick back into the center console between the front seats, she gets out of her car and locks it behind her as she heads towards the small building - a shack, she thinks. There are a pair of people in the yard, and another back where a large truck is parked.

Adrienne walks up to the thin door and knocks.
Jul 15 2017, 11:36 PM
i don't care anyway
Emmanuel Lamb

Though many of the Alpha Nu Omega sisters go home or on vacation for the summer, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to do for those that stay. There’s certainly a lot less pressure and not as many expectations than during the school year, but part of what is so important for the sorority is charity work and helping out at the local churches, help that Adrienne knows is appreciated in the summer when there are less willing volunteers in the area. Adrienne also believes in the importance of staying busy, and though for a time it was hard to get herself motivated and out of the house without having… issues, with the shift in season (and shift in perspective) she’s been starting to feel better.

She’s been starting to feel like she’s in control again despite the fact that her father’s court case is in a month, that is, unless they have even more issues with retaining a full, fair jury.

It’s why she’s not visiting home until then if she can help it. Her father makes her weak, her father is weak, and she’s through with it. (Now whether or not he’s a criminal is up for courts to decide. And she’ll make her choices from there.)

Today, the public library is running its annual summer book drive and Adrienne is there with a couple of her sorority sisters. Each of them carrying in a medium sized box of books that they’ve managed to collect in the preceding few months. There are other people milling about, some tables set up where other books are being sorted through by genre, but she can't seem to find the people that usually run this whole thing. She walks up behind a man that has his back turned to her, and is also carrying a box.

"Excuse me, sir, any idea where group donations are turned in?"
Mar 3 2017, 09:48 PM

Adrienne's just left from her internship in a rush, allowed to go early by her boss after giving him some false excuse about needing to leave early for the weekend to fly back to Virginia because her little sister is seriously ill.

Alternately, she's having an anxiety attack and has no idea what to do but get out of there.

Coffee is her first thought. The machine at the law office broke the other day, so the lack of caffeine among everything else has set her over the edge. The line for Mugshots is a nightmare at this time though, so she drives past and parks closer to the lightly-occupied Bernard's instead. She walks with her attention down on her phone as she gets in line, anxiously tapping away at her phone. When she looks up while approaching the cashier, she pauses upon seeing Lottie, "Oh. You work here."
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