Welcome to Will to Live, a RP set in the fictional town of Monroeville, Maine. Orginally a small fishing village turned college town turned tourist trap, long-time locals are now outnumbered by newcomers in their ever-expanding hometown. Plots are primarily member-driven, with a wide range of interesting and diverse characters to interact with. Feel free to jump right in; fresh perspectives and ideas are always welcome.

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Adrienne Kang

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Nov 21 2017, 10:21 PM
Girls will be girls
Out here, running this world

Adrienne Kang (x) & Scholastica Řezník (x)
thread warnings | ableism

Adrienne has already ordered Scholastica and herself a light appetizer to share, her ice water (with lemon) recently refilled and the lunch menu of The Cove open before her. They've been meaning to get together just the two of them since the end of September, but with rush week and midterms and everything else, time, for once, got away from Adrienne.

And Adrienne, for once, feels bad for it.

Especially since Schol has been such a help lately - with small things, mainly, but enough to make a difference. And with her LSAT coming up soon, she thinks it's about time she puts the idea into her sorority sister's head that she could be a great VP.

Well, with a bit of a personality shift. You see, she's a terrible pushover and Adrienne could probably count on one hand the number of times that girl has said no. She fidgets a lot too, and if there's one thing that looks bad at public events it's a frontwoman that can't keep herself still. While Adrienne isn't exactly one to talk due to her own neuroses, the least Scholastica could do is deal with it. Ultimately, as far as Adrienne's concerned, if Scholastica is going to get anywhere with meaning, she has to harden up a little.

"So what do you think?" Adrienne comments, looking up from the menu and speaking in reference to the food.
Nov 12 2017, 09:17 PM
it's a long way down
to the sacred ground

Jason Morris

The end of October and beginning of November seems to pass by without nearly as much incident as last year (having involved an elaborate series of 'pranks' and plenty of calls to the MPD until she was demanded to stop). Since then, a lot has happened and Adrienne has been able to take a step back and screw her head on right. She feels like she's in control again.

Well, relatively, all things considered.

Today her and the Alpha Nu Omega sorority sisters are helping out with a blanket drive for one of the more local shelters, with the excess planning to be donated to another branch in Portland. She's not exactly thrilled about it, her mind far more worried about these two essays she still needs to finish, but knowing she has to be at all events that her sorority sisters decide to plan and take part in.

After deciding to take a break, Adrienne helps herself to some coffee that was brought by for volunteers and catches sight of Officer Morris with his family. Straightening her coat and plastering on a smile, she makes her way over, "Officer Morris, long time no see. I hope things have been well."
Nov 9 2017, 05:00 PM
let alarms ring out
cut through all the noise

Bek Biernacki

A too-nice car pulls up to one of the gas pumps of the Mic Mac Market on a cold Friday evening, the sunset nearing it's early retreat into dark. Adrienne steps out and closes the driver's side door behind her, looking a little rough around the edges though still very much out of place.

After paying for her gas, she makes her way inside the small gas station market, pointedly avoiding looking over at the cashier - another ratty, trashy Monroeville native that she wants nothing to do with if she can help it. (But tonight she can't, she needs a lighter and going any place else where people may actually know her could give them more totally unfounded ideas about her).

Her heels click against the floor as she grabs a small glass bottle of a cold brew coffee and a candy bar before heading up to the counter, where she adds a mini red lighter and finally acknowledges the cashier by glowering at her.
Oct 17 2017, 06:21 AM
Where I've been
It's not clean, I'm not sober

Alex Keane

Having just got off work, Adrienne decides to spend the rest of her afternoon at the Square. She'd usually head right towards Mugshots, but as the temperatures have dropped and the lines to that place have gotten even longer (and more full of people that hate her), Bernard's Cafe has been fine, she guesses.

She's headed around the corner down the block from the cafe, her sunglasses up on her head and pushing back some of her - now longer - hair. Her eyes are focused intently down at her phone as she reads, not paying much attention to her surroundings while starting to type something out on her phone.

"Ugh, bullshit," she mutters to herself under her breath.
Aug 2 2017, 12:10 AM
she will stand up straight
and tighten her grip

Nor de la Cruz( x) & Adrienne Kang (x)
warnings || gendered slur, sex shaming

There’s something thrilling about this.

About knowing this is her last of four years taking part in the summer program here at Monroe College. Her last of four years visiting all of the booths at the end of the program’s / start of the school year’s Professional Connection and Career Fair (or whatever they’ve changed the name to). This time, Adrienne is primarily here with the legal firm she has interned at for the past year.

(She thinks they might try to offer her a full time secretary position once she graduates, which only pisses her off and makes her all the more certain of her desire to go to law school. She doesn’t want to stick around Monroeville for any longer than she has to, but she certainly doesn’t want to go back to Virginia at this point, either.)

She’s also representing Alpha Nu Omega, though her VP and other executive members are also here on behalf of the sorority, making sure to network since their community connections are something they try to boast about. Additionally, since last year, Adrienne’s been focusing on establishing a professional relationship with UMM’s Greek Life coordinators to potentially open up an Alpha chapter there. So she’s emphasized that they keep an eye out for people that likely have UMM connections, too.

In fact, it isn’t that far into the day when she catches sight of that strange slut of a UMM professor, or is it former professor? Adrienne’s never really cared to know much about her besides what she’s heard, and then of course there’s the fact that she spends entirely too much time with Elwood than can be good for her. Just look at her.

Excusing herself from the booth, Adrienne makes her way over to where Nor de la Cruz is talking to an older man that Adrienne’s sure she’s seen at the UMM administrative offices before - no wait, of course -

"Joaquín de la Cruz, right? UMM Admin?" She grins, holding out a hand "Pleasure to meet you."
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