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May 30 2017, 02:50 PM
so finals are around the corner and im.... super behind in everything & freaking out abt it, so i just wanted to make an official post saying i won't / shouldn't be posting much for the next 3 weeks.

ilu and miss u all

Jan 27 2017, 05:25 PM
So there's this site called Your World of Text that I've mentioned to a few people in the cbox before. On a previous small town rp site that I was part of, it functioned as an IC anonymous rumors page / bathroom stall door for characters to write all their woes and dirty little secrets on. Or sometime like the apps Yik Yak or Whisper.

Characters also tended towards making some pretty creative lists like: Top 10 people in town that need a complete makeover to just not look like themselves at all because ew, Top 5 Kappa boys Madison Darlington looked best with, PBP Party Blacklist, etc.

I figure it can probably be used in place of the old rumors blog since that's not been active? Or can be incorporate it into another aspect of the site, idk? I know the mods/admins of the previous site i was on did monthly or every other month clearing of the board cause it could get pretty filled up + general site rules apply. but it's also an endless board and you can make links to certain coordinates for ease in finding stuff.

I always thought it added a really fun element to character interactions, so I figured I'd put the suggestion out there!!
Jan 25 2017, 01:46 AM
hey, so i just feel bad cause i've slowed down with posting by a lot and i know that's not a big deal but im just struggling kinda Bad rn. it might pass in a few days or like... more idk. but i wanna just let ya'll know im gonna be taking a while on these replies and whatnot.

i might dip in and out of the cbox and might be down if there are rabbit night planned. feel free to pm, skype, hangouts me if you need anything/wanna talk.

i love u all so much
Oct 15 2016, 05:19 PM
so i know for a little while now ive kinda been saying i might not be on too much lately, but im hoping making an official post will help.

poor mental health & poor coping has been getting to me lately and while sometimes writing helps it's been making me feel worse cause i feel like it's impacting my writing negatively. so im gonna take a pause, might ask to retcon some things too, if people are okay with that???

i'll probably still be on the cbox & reading other people's stuff because you're all so wonderful and helpful. <3
Sep 15 2016, 04:30 PM
Taken care of!!! Thank you Crooks & Bobbie!!!!

About the Character
Name: Mackenzie Weiser
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Degree: Women's Studies
Occupation: Open, maybe working towards become a teacher?
Appearance: Long brown hair, looks like she could be related to Donald Weiser (his pb is Mike Rowe).
Suggested Play-By: open!
Personality: I don't really have anything particular in mind, so a lot of it is up to you. The only thing is that she's a very involved feminist that loves to educate. Probably does a lot of writing. She's also incredibly patient, which she gets from her father.

History: I'm still working out Donald's past, so we can totally discuss the details, but the family is from Santa Monica, California. Eight years ago Donald quit his well-paying office job to go into crab fishing which put a looot of strain on the family, especially financially. Though he was happier with his job, he got more distant from the family. Mackenzie's mother wasn't coping with this well and the two fought often. She started turning her daughters against him too, ruining there relationships. About two years ago they finally went through a divorce and Don moved to Monroeville, which was a place the family had visited in the past because they have family up in Maine/on the east coast. Recently, Don's been getting back in touch with his daughters and they're on much better terms now.

Growing up, Don was a doting father, though often busy with his office job. Mackenzie has always been encouraged to pursuit her passions and has done her best to educate her father on his biases and privileges, helping him to become the person he is today. He's probably closest with her considering she's his first kid and how similar they can be personality wise.

Additional Information: You can come up with her reasons for coming to Monroeville and whether or not she discussed that with her father before hand. Maybe her relationship fell apart with her mother, maybe a long term relationship blew up and with both of those she's looking for a fresh start. But like I said, it's really up to you!

About the Claimer
How often do you want the person to post? Whenever you're able!
Other: Though I'm posting ads for two of the daughters, I'd only want one or the other in town (but this can be worked out). Also, here is Don's profile for more info on him: link.

About the Character
Name: Olivia Weiser
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Degree: Psychology and Bio-engineering, maybe wants to pursuit a Ph.D.
Occupation: Open, maybe some kind of basic office job as she figures out what she wants to do next.
Appearance: Light brown hair, looks somewhat related to Donald Weiser.
Suggested Play-By: Open!

Personality: Pretty open but I have a few ideas. She's really intelligent and probably guarded but snarky. She's had to deal with a lot of sexism in her fields and really just doesn't have the patience for it anymore. She very much doesn't let people hold her back.

History: Generally her history is the same as her older sister, but Olivia was kinda the problem middle child when she was younger. She's not as close with her father as Mackenzie but knows a little more about some of his odd interests/beliefs (with regards to conspiracy theories, aliens, taxidermy, cryptozoology, etc.).

Additional Information: Again, you can decide her reasons for coming to town. Maybe she's in a rough spot financially and doesn't want to move back with her mother?

About the Claimer
How often do you want the person to post? Whenever you're able!
Other: Again, although I'm posting ads for two of the daughters, I only want one in town (but this can be worked out). Also, here is Don's profile for more info on him: link.
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