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Nov 19 2017, 03:49 PM
it's been a while since I've had a plot page so, here we go

my character list is here btw, song used in most of my extra character stuff is death by numbers by noah and the whale

MOST of my characters are expies loosely related off other characters in media, those that are are listed blah blah a lot of them don't resemble their original inspo in the end but I Tried?

not listed are:
    Aiko Oshiro (the glitter killer, ex child star and model) - she's pretty much got her big plot down and she dies at the end of it, if you're looking for someone to fuck around w ur char and ruin their life a little she's Here For It
    Nor de la Cruz (medical scribe and human disaster) - also has a big plot down and probably my most used character, she doesn't need anything specific rn but i'm still down to plot with her if you have any ideas / want her to add something to your plot a little?
    Szveina Ylvasdottir (MC student and fairytale princess) - similar to nor, one of my most used characters who doesn't need anything specific atm, but i'm down to plot with her if you have any ideas / want her to add something to your plot a little

cordelia navarre
seeking: enemies / frenemies / people to cling to / one night stands
27 // townie // bartender at the waterin hole

    cheating / bad relationships / obsessive relationships, violence, internalized misogyny, classism etc
at a glance:
    has lived in monroeville since march 2017 but she's summered here with her family when she was young. her family recently lost all her money, which lead to cordelia realizing her (ex) fiance was really kind of a scumbag who was only with her for the money and 100% cheated on her and was gonna disappear without a trace. she's got a lawsuit against her bc she threw something at him and it caused a scar so...

    she's angry, bitter, doesn't trust people, and is a pretty shitty person all around. she wants people to pay attention to her / love her but she's afraid of them so she also tries to shove them away? she's a mess, a human disaster, very good at making candy, and i imagine there are a lot of rumors about her too whoop.

    loosely based off of ruruka andou from danganronpa 3
    just... people. she tries really hard to surround herself with people, and always ends up pushing them away. she's not a good friend, not even a little, but i'd be interested in a few frenemies sort of relationships, where they get along and chat but also know the other talks shit about them whatup. straight up enemies is also good, cordy holds a mean grudge and has some serious anger management issues she needs to get through. also she sleeps around a lot since being dumped so, uh, hook ups? also anything else t b h.

gardenia moreau
seeking: friends??? / enemies / older dude crushes / idk people she can bother / coworkers?
18 // UMM student // clerk at Dark Owl Records

    unreality, talk of gore / death / murder / body horror / creepy shit, child neglect, alcoholism, psychiatric shit / mental health stuff, etc
at a glance:
    she's one of a pair of creepy twins with her sister yarrow. she grew up with an absent mother and nonexistent father, and she and her sister had to take care of themselves a lot. needless to say, she considers herself a lot older and wiser than she is and... actually is kind of a pretentious know-it-all. also she's a total nerd goth alright.

    she likes dark, creepy shit and guro and the minds of murderers (she's interested in the human brain in general, but she's especially into criminal brains) and this + her like mild issues with dissociation and depersonalization means she kind of have delusions of being like... some evil eldritch creature.

    she's pretty chatty but it's mostly she just kind of likes bothering people and seeing if she can figure them out. the only person she really seems close to is her sister??? maybe??

    loosely based on rose lalonde from ... homestuck yeah.
    my ideal for her is she um... kind of is better to people? imo she's always going to be a little conceited but it would be nice if she like, got to respect Other People a little more somehow? i'm interested in the idea of people who she kind of hangs around with maybe at work or school when her sister's Elsewhere who kind of idk tolerate her. she's not very much an enemy person, but she's not opposed to being a snide asshole to people she LIKES so she's definitely not opposed to being one to people she dislikes also.

    gardenia has a habit of getting weird crushes on like older men / silver fox types so like... i'm interested in writing her with a crush also. i don't want it to lead to anywhere romantic but i am interested also in her getting to know older people she respects??

    or she could just have a crush and be weird that's ALSO good

jenny dunyl
seeking: friends mostly? relationships in general
22 // UMM student // clerk at the UMM bookstore

    parental neglect/abuse, unhealthy/obsessive relationships, violence/violent intrusive thoughts, self-loathing, parental death, self-harm
at a glance:
    basically abandoned by her military scientist father after her military scientist mother died and has a lot of abandonment issues and unresolved anger thanks to this. she hates primarily: herself and her father, but oops she also wants his approval real bad. her unresolved anger is a shame point for her and she tries to shove it down a lot and pretend everything’s fine and smile and basically tries to be a doormat but there’s always a breaking point, and she has a hard time not reaching that.

    otherwise though she's relatively polite, tries to be kind, feels like a total phony about it. you know. she also used to hang out a lot with cora sterling when they were younger... which led to a falling out and them hating each other which...

    is now leading to them being seen hanging out together again? what's that?
    just... more relationships in general for her. she's sort of trying to be a person who interacts with other people again so like, i really just want her to build more relationships. i also want her to also have more older people / mentor figures she could trust so??? please?

jericho david
seeking: friends / people who annoy him
23 // UMM students // starbucks barista

    self-loathing/discouraging thoughts about self-worth, suicidal/self harm ideation
at a glance:
    two big things about jericho is that he's very very much kind of a wallflower / average dude who does and likes average dude things and also he's... really really insecure about that fact. he has a twin brother (who is in town and pretends to be him sometimes) who's incredibly gifted and pretty much a genius which has led to a lot of inferiority complex feelings for jericho. he's hardworking and loyal and genuinely kind to people / would give you the shirt off his back even if he is a little grumpy about it.

    he currently lives with kat de la cruz, a pretty famous let's player (katscares) and used to live with current homeless young adult: tb degawa, who they miss.

    loosely based on hajime hinata from super danganronpa 2 & danganronpa 3
    my ideal for his growth is obviously for him to ~discover his worth and find something he loves about himself. imo jericho has a lot of friends and dips into a lot of social circles / is very open and versatile and helpful. he gets annoyed pretty easily, and can be kind of dry / sarcastic but he gives people second / third / fourth / fifth chances all the dang time. i kind of want to start by building his relationships with others, and maybe finding himself in all of that? idk

    he's also very helpful and 100% he and kat will let literally any stranger off the street stay in their apartment if they need a place to stay so, that.

libelle pervin
seeking: friends / enemies
35 // Townie // Environmental Lawyer

    death of a loved one, gang violence, abandonment issues, general trauma feels
at a glance:
    a little bit of a stepford smiler when you first meet her, but very easily gets flustered or angry or generally emotional. still, she generally gives off an air of politeness / ladylike tone even when she starts getting that way. she walks with a cane most of the time because she has pretty bad muscle spasms and not all the control in her legs, but she'll blow you off if you try to ask why (she got shot while physically fighting one of her best friends yo).

    she's lived here for six years now along with her goddaughter who's currently in middle school. basically: libelle's life revolves around her work, her kid, and when she doesn't have either of those: vague book clubs and pta meetings where she hangs out with a bunch of other moms and smiles and laughs a lot.
ideas / wants:
    obv, since she's brand new i'm looking for just about anything. i want some friends libelle has spent some time with, maybe some blind dates gone wrong (she would never be in a romantic relationship long enough for anything to actually HAPPEN unfort), people who know her in general. she's not one to keep certain opinions to herself, and while you may not know a lot about her history you will know what she stands for (and how much she loves her Not-Daughter, Blue Irving)

    loosely based off of tatsumiya from wadanohara and the great blue sea

lot adachi
seeking: friends? / enemies / mentors
19 // MHS student // unemployed

    violence/violent intrusive thoughts, controlling behavior, emotional manipulation
at a glance:
    a cocky brat tbh and kind of a delinquent. he's known for getting kicked out of mpa after sending a student to the hospital and attacking a teacher (who uh... kind of emotionally manipulated him a lot but he doesn't talk about that so moving on) and restarting again a year later at MHS. recently he also hangs out with morgan mau and cam pyun, both of which he had a very public falling out with over the summer except now they seem maybe like they're all cool? + he hangs around with carrington haigh (and amber livingston) his ex-babysitter and a member of pbp the sorority at monroe college.

    he's... one of those people where everything comes so easily to him he feels like he doesn't have to try. so he doesn't. a lot.
    more adults he can trust (and, on the flip side, adults he does not trust at all and is a total disrespectful little asshole to) / mentor figures though the trust part will take so much time for him because he sort of distrusts figures of authority on sight. i want him to um... actually finish high school (he's in danger of flunking out purely because he does 0 homework) and go to college for politics (anarchy to independent grassroots party ftw?)

    he also honestly needs more enemies i'm ngl i want him to get into more fights he's very fighty he loves punching and getting punched uvu

    loosely based off of karma akabane from assassination classroom

pepper coake
seeking: everything??
22 // townie // mechanic and owner of coake mechanics, works at doogie's scrap

    parental death and abuse / neglect / kinda stalkery tendencies & medical gore (interest)
at a glance:
    pepper's lived in monroeville literally his entire life in the same house for literally ever. his dad died about two years ago now and since then pepper's been flailing and faltering with his dad's shop ever since. he's a gifted mechanic and engineer but he's garbage at business, though he will absolutely fix your vehicle for cheap purely because he loves opening something up and seeing whats inside.

    he's kind of weird clingy crybaby who you could push into the dirt and he still kind of tries to tail along with you saying "that was mean what are we doing next?", he's got some gross tendencies to obsess over and borderline stalk crushes, and he's really into people's bones and joints and shit. he has a few sketchbooks filled w like, half people half robotics / ideas for futuristic cars and vehicles / just generally stuff like that. his best friends include a 17 year old girl who's mean to him all the time (monica imahara thank you) who builds battle bots with him (they participate in contests in jonesport) and harold garrett an npc weed dealer who's friendly to everybody.

    loosely based off of kazuichi souda from super danganronpa 2 and danganronpa 3
    everything tbh, pepper gets dragged to random parties sometimes and is super awkward when he tries to chat with people and i just want some people in his life bye. more crushes also? or people he can kind of hang on pleasebemyfriend etc?

rosalie duke
seeking:um, frenemies / one night stands / maybe a boyfriend? (she's in the closet pals) / enemies
20 // MC students // clerk at lost literature

    hella internalized misogyny and homophobia w slurs to match, disordered eating / bulimia, underage drinking / drugs, sexual content, obsessive / possessive / unhealthy relationships and jealousy
at a glance:
    she's an omega bully who's known by anyone who went to high school with her as a member of the "rose garden" under rosemary chandler. they definitely held the title of the "mean girls" of mhs in their time, and rosalie hasn't seemed to have changed much since high school tbh.

    she's a lesbian who denies it to all of high hell and lives in primrose heights with her brother, though she pretends to be more well off than she is. she's very mean, not good, absolutely a bully who will hound after you and just be generally rude.

    loosely based off of heather duke from heathers
    rosalie has a habit of stringing dudes along / having several boyfriends at a time or hooks up a lot because, um, she's trying to convince herself she's straight (she isn't). i'm interested in seeing how those relationships work and hella apologies in advance bc she is not going to be good to them. i'm also interested in just more people she snarks with / at and just generally hangs around? or considers... ok not friends but yeah definitely more "frenemy" sort of relationships

    she's absolutely the sort of person who'll be nice to your face sometimes but not hesitate to sell you the fuck out later ok.

scholastica reznik
seeking: friends / fellow sisters / lost causes who need her help / mentors / crushes
20 // MC students // CNA & patient sitter at st. oswalds

    religious themes, internalized homophobia, some disordered eating and obsessions w martyrdom
at a glance:
    good little catholic girl who wants to be a nun and a nurse tbh is her main thing. she's a very excitable and nervous squirrelly girl who believes in love and goodness and god's kindness to everyone. she's also got a purity complex and has minor panic attacks over not being a good enough person because she... you know, has negative thoughts like literally every other human being in the universe. anyway, she tries to work extra hard to make up for that.

    she's in alpha nu omega sorority in MC and believes heavily in sisterhood and building those sorts of relationships with others (her family was very big into "blood of the covenant is thicker than water of the womb", aka we your family should not be more special than other people / building relationships with others and being good to others is what god wants etc).

    she's very active, is almost always doing something and barely ever gets enough sleep. she's a little bit of a wreck, but she's a sweet wreck!
    scholastica's a sweet outgoing person who wants to be friends with everyone and share god's love etc, she tries not to be judgmental to anyone (and fails, miserably, many times over) and so she can interact with pretty much anyone. no matter how she feels about you, if you need help she will literally break her dang back to help out (~even sinners deserve kindness) and is involved in a lot of charity work and community giving back sorts of things. just, i want more things for her, more people to interact with so she can expand her worldview a little (which will take some time ok).

    she's also v gay and i want her to have more crushes on girls that she buries down deep in her gut and goes :) this is fine. please.
Aug 14 2017, 09:55 PM
I'm having some abysmally bad brains so idk when I'm gonna start posting again it messes me up whenever I try so whatever sorry.

Apr 3 2017, 10:02 PM
So, I really like fairy tales and I'm interested in trying to write some out. I'm not super good with that sort of writing style but that's the point, yeah? Anyway, the prompts are from here.

I'm open to requests. Or, rather, I might need requests.

Mar 18 2017, 12:11 PM

Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd
He served a dark and a vengeful god
What happened then, well, that's the play
And he wouldn't want us to give it away
Not Sweeney
Not Sweeney Todd
The demon barber of Fleet Street.

Sweeney Todd / Benjamin Barker - Cora Sterling
Mrs. Lovett - Aiko Oshiro
Anthony Hope - Scholastica Řezník
Johanna Baxter - Eurydice Lennox
Judge Turpin - ???
Toby Ragg - Cass Koller
Beadle Bamford - ???
The Begger Woman - Jenny DuNyl
Adolfo Pirelli - Chastity Chou
    ( warnings : abuse of power, violence, harassment, suicide, death / loss / grieving, murder, blackmail, cannibalism, ableism, i'll remember the rest when they come up )

Mar 10 2017, 09:28 AM
life is around you and in you
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