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May 6 2017, 08:42 AM
plots | thread requests

Oh when I'm minerals in the soil
I'll diffuse into a tree
It'll have 5000 brances
Which will have 5000 leaves
And I'll be in every one
Oh and when a leaf blows free
I will land upon the earth
And grow another tree

here's me trying again. check out my character list and threadlines for more info.

  • Aiko Oshiro (still open to new threads/available to fuck your shit up if you want but pretty much has her main plot and endgame solid)
  • Cher Michaels (has the components and a possible endgame but needs a little more push in that direction, don't really know how? anyway, open to threads/being a support in someone else's plot)
  • Kaikane Kahale (archived, not open to threading)
  • Nor de la Cruz (still open to new threads/being the support in another person's plot but pretty much has her main plot solid for now)
  • Szveina Ylvasdottir (still open to new threads/friendships/being a support in another person's plot but pretty much has her main plot solid for now)

Cordelia Navarre
seeking: enemies / one night stands / people she clings to
27 // townsperson // bartender at the waterin’ hole

    violent/unhealthy relationships, cheating, obsessive thoughts, classism, internalized misogyny
at a glance:
    loosely based on Ruruka Andou from Danganronpa 3 (future and despair side). the Navarres are a once affluent family who lost all their money and items in a tax scandal. they had a summer house in Monroeville and since that was the only thing paid off they moved into it and everything’s a mess. these silver spoon kids have no idea how to be broke. anyway, prior to this Cordelia had a fiance, all she wanted in life was to get married and be a good wife and bake a lot. but then she finds out her fiance was only with her for the money, he leaves, she gets mad and throws something at him and also keys his car later when she finds him cheating, he presses charges, she has no money, she’s living with her siblings again, she has to wear a fucking cowboy hat for money. it’s a hard knock life. oh, also she makes really good sweets, like REALLY good.
    she’s brand new so honestly everything. she’s a clingy sort of person who has a dual issue with trust because so many people left her (because she stopped paying attention to her for her boyfriend/are said boyfriend-fiance). she runs hot and cold with others, one second she’s rolling her eyes/snapping at you/ignoring you and the next she’s in your face begging for attention. she’s a mess, for a slow burn sort of thing I want her to have friends and start trusting people again.

Jenny DuNyl
seeking: friends / people to call her on her shit / a possible beard
21 // UMM student // UMM bookstore clerk

    parental neglect/abuse, unhealthy/obsessive relationships, violence/violent intrusive thoughts, self-loathing, parental death, self-harm
at a glance:
    loosely loosely LOOSELY based on Shinji Ikari from NGE. basically abandoned by her military scientist father after her military scientist mother died and has a lot of abandonment issues and unresolved anger thanks to this. she hates primarily: herself and her father, but oops she also wants his approval real bad. her unresolved anger is a shame point for her and she tries to shove it down a lot and pretend everything’s fine and smile and basically tries to be a doormat but there’s always a breaking point and Jenny’s having a hard time with that. oh, also she likes to feed people.
    she’s absolutely still in love with Cora Sterling but is trying to tell herself that no, she totally isn’t she hates her okay guys fuck. give me a fake boyfriend/beard that she would… absolutely use to try and make Cora jealous. it would neither be a healthy nor a lasting relationship. alt: I want people for her to trust too, adults specifically, and also like… people who will tell her “hey that’s not cool”/”hey thats pretty unhealthy actually” when faced with her more violent outbursts please.

Jericho David
seeking: friends / people he sideeyes the living hell out of
22 // UMM student // barista at Starbucks

    self-loathing/discouraging thoughts about self-worth, suicidal/self harm ideation
at a glance:
    loosely based on Hajime Hinata from the Danganronpa series (2 & 3 despair and hope side). he’s a 100% completely Average Guy ™ with absolutely no distinguishing features or talents… or at least that’s how he’d introduce himself to you. he grew up with an absolute prodigy twin brother which didn’t do a lot of wonders for his self esteem, and it doesn’t help that he seems to believe he’s the only one who has to work as hard as he does to get good grades or get through things. anyway, he’s a pretty nice accepting and caring dude and a huge mom who’s also like really grumpy. you know like, one of those moms with troublemaker kids who goes to the principal’s office every week to pick them up with a sort of resigned “oh my god whap did you do this time” but also she loves them and gets them McDonald’s while also scolding them. you know, that kind of mom. oh also you might know him from his roommate Kat de la Cruz’s famous let’s play channel katscares.
    he’s a pretty social-if-grumpy dude who should have a decent gathering of casual friendships outside just in general. I’d like him to be the sort of person who doesn’t realize that there are a lot of people who would call him a friend because he’s just pretty helpful and supportive to anyone he meets. tho, also, while it would be hard for him to make ENEMIES imo because he’s INCREDIBLY forgiving, I do want to get some of his grump out more. you know, like a mom with troublemaker kids who still loves them but sees that look in their eyes and is like “I know what you’re doing and stop, stop right now, don’t you dare”. you know, that kind of mom.

    aside from that, my endgame desire for him is to: a) feel more comfortable as himself / not think he’s worthless just because he doesn’t have a talent/things don’t come easily to him and also
    b) I’d really like him to realize he wants to be either like a teacher or a social worker or someone who’s good at helping people, which will also help him when he realizes he’d maybe be good at that? so gestures, if someone can help me there.

    alternatively you can play his twin brother who I am calling Joshua until someone stops me and who doesn’t have a want ad bc I’m realizing I’m very very particular on like… him because imo his brother has a Lot of layers and issues. (he’s a bored genius who wanders a lot and is ~technically homeless because he doesn’t care enough and also he doesn’t care about a) other people and b) their feelings because c) low empathy shit)

Lot Adachi
seeking: mentors / friends / enemies / rivals
18 // MHS students // unemployed

    violence/violent intrusive thoughts, controlling behavior, emotional manipulation
at a glance:
    loosely based on Karma Akabane from Assassination Classroom. a cocky brat who smiles too much and laughs at all the wrong things. he’s kind of a jerk, but he has a specific grouping of people he cares about and would Basically Kill For. he got expelled from MPA after physically assaulting a teacher (who… emotionally manipulated the hell out of him, but he neither of them mention that part) and after a year of legal pushing from his parents managed to return to high school in MHS. he’s one of those people where nothing comes super hard to him (so, the opposite of Jericho) and because of that he doesn’t think he has to try/has decided to just coast on with that which… isn’t good because he’s super aimless and childish still. he also likes to fight people. he likes to hurt and get hurt. plus he’s a picky eater/food snob and his favorite foods are: his own cooking. he... hangs around Pi Beta Phi a lot actually too because Carrington Haigh is basically like family to him ok.
    RESPONSIBLE ADULTS HE CAN TRUST. because of that whole schtick with the teacher who he trusted and found that trust broken, he has an immediate dislike and distrust of Every Adult Authority Figure and I want him to find someone like that who he t r u s t s and will listen to. this is number one top priority for me tbh.

    alt: I want him to have a small number of people he cares about and likes, and about 10x the amount of people he’s pissed off and will needle and poke at until they snap at him. also some people in the gray area are a+ too, like ~frenemies.

Rosalie Duke
seeking: people to call her on her shit / enemies
19 // MC Student // clerk at Lost Literature

    hella internalized misogyny and homophobia w slurs to match, disordered eating / bulimia, underage drinking / drugs, sexual content, obsessive / possessive / unhealthy relationships and jealousy
at a glance:
    loosely based off of Heather Duke from Heathers. was a part of a Mean Girl™ group that called themselves The Rose Garden (Rosemary Chandler, Rosalind McNamara, Dahlia Sawyer). and were terrible and thought they were better than everyone and also they color coded themselves. you know when bullies from high school get thrown out of high school and into college and realize the rest of the world doesn’t drop at their feet? that’s... that’s Rosalie. she’s also a: a) literature snob who claims to only read novels from before a certain year idk she’s fucking pretentious b) a super duper closeted lesbian who’s in love with all her friends and hates herself for it and c) just a nasty angry person who’s kind of a brown-noser and a backstabber. she isn’t a good person. also she likes to pretend she’s super bougie when she’s… super not.
    people to call her on her shit pLEASE. man like, outside of the Rose Garden rn (which is a huge comfort zone for her as… uncomfortable as it is) Rosalie hasn’t like tried to actually experience Knowing Other People and I’m really interested in her having a strong (most likely and preferably negative) relationship outside of them because it’ll be all new and confusing for her. jazzhands. also she lives in Primrose Heights with her shitty older brother so.

Saph Nichols
seeking: friends / enemies / crushes
23 // UMM student // clerk at the Hobo’s New Clothes & cosplay designer

    abandonment and violent thoughts
at a glance:
    abandoned as a kid with an older woman and another really cool kid, Saph has… a lot of trust and anger issues. she likes to be seen as super chill and ice-queen-like and wants people to notice her so she can pretend she doesn’t care (reasons she uses the “royal we” instead of “I”) when actually she has a hair-trigger temper and can end up screaming at someone and trying to attack them at the drop of a hat. fun shit. also she and her sister, Cash, are semi-famous cosplayers at East Coast anime/video game/comic conventions.
    just PEOPLE. saph doesn’t interact much with others because of her trust issues/only REALLY trusts her adoptive grandma and sister but they’re doing their own things now too and she’s sort of feeling like :I she wants to make relationships but you know it’s Scary and shit. I want her to be forced to interact with others where she sometimes likes the person maybe? and sometimes absolutely loathes them. also I want her to have a really shitty crush on someone really nice and sweet that she tries to shove down and is like, extra mean to the person she’s crushing on to try and cure it.

    alt... gimme a slow burn hatemance with actual mance. imo Saph is… not going to be actually interested in dating someone unless they can yell at each other and shit idk. she’s... something.

Scholastica Řezník
seeking: people she can bother/annoy / mentors / crushes
20 // MC Student // patient sitter

    religious themes, internalized homophobia, some disordered eating and obsessions w martyrdom
at a glance:
    Scholastica is a good little Catholic girl raised by a very holier-than-thou Catholic family who has taken it upon them to SAVE THE WORLD and shit. her aspirations include: joining a convent and also becoming a nurse so she too can save the world by helping people and also with God’s love. she’s... also an ace lesbian with perfectionist issues who works too hard because “idle hands are the devil’s playthings” or something and that causes quite a bit of stress and identity issues with her. gestures. she’s like… secretly a socialist and doesn’t realize it yet idk.
    I want people to try and take her under their wing, I want people to try and take advantage of the fact that she’s bubbly and would do anything for you and tries to see the best in everyone and Not Judge (though she totally judges). I also want her to have crushes on girls where she’s like oh fuck what’s this nope nope push it away etc.

    my endgame goals for her is: Scholastica learns to accept herself, faults and mean thoughts and just… chills out a bit. I want her to learn how to take a break and not feel guilty for it because there’s a thousand things she COULD be doing to HELP. I want her to accept herself as a lesbian and secret socialist. I one hundred percent want religion to still be important in her life, but on her own terms and not that of her family’s. so... there’s that.
Apr 3 2017, 10:02 PM
So, I really like fairy tales and I'm interested in trying to write some out. I'm not super good with that sort of writing style but that's the point, yeah? Anyway, the prompts are from here.

I'm open to requests. Or, rather, I might need requests.

Mar 18 2017, 12:11 PM

Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd
He served a dark and a vengeful god
What happened then, well, that's the play
And he wouldn't want us to give it away
Not Sweeney
Not Sweeney Todd
The demon barber of Fleet Street.

Sweeney Todd / Benjamin Barker - Cora Sterling
Mrs. Lovett - Aiko Oshiro
Anthony Hope - Scholastica Řezník
Johanna Baxter - Eurydice Lennox
Judge Turpin - ???
Toby Ragg - Cass Koller
Beadle Bamford - ???
The Begger Woman - Jenny DuNyl
Adolfo Pirelli - Chastity Chou
    ( warnings : abuse of power, violence, harassment, suicide, death / loss / grieving, murder, blackmail, cannibalism, ableism, i'll remember the rest when they come up )

Mar 10 2017, 09:28 AM
life is around you and in you
(threadlines | plot tracker | list of AUs and fanfic)

characters + links

Jan 12 2017, 11:42 AM
    So here's another ask meme game that comes from Tumblr and probably originated like... elsewhere.

    Basically: you're going to take whatever music player you have and put it on shuffle. Write down the first 5 songs or more (5-10 generally is what you'll get elsewhere?) and then, take it a step further and assign the songs to certain characters or plots on the board! They don't have to be yours obv if they scream someone else's char or plot.

    Remember to tag for warnings and other board rules apply.

alcohol / alcoholism
talk of death / depression

Carmen - Lana Del Rey is for Beauty Adair if I'm tbh. I feel like along w... Marina obv Lana prob has big Beauty feels.
Darling, darling, doesn't have a problem
Lying to herself 'cause her liquor's top shelf
It's alarming honestly how charming she can be
Fooling everyone, telling them she's having fun

Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless is Jenny DuNyl and Cora Sterling...
You make me wanna die
I'll never be good enough
You make me wanna die
And everything you love will burn up in the light
Every time I look inside your eyes
You make me wanna die

Effigy - Andrew Bird oops this one feels like poor dead Benjamin Church... but also by extension could be about Nor de la Cruz
Fake conversations on a nonexistent telephone
Like the words of a man who's spent a little too much time alone
When one has spent too much time alone...

If I Can't Dance - Sophie Ellis Bextor hmmm Carrington Haigh?
Can you see the action in my head?
The town we're paiting turning red?
We need a new wave I can ride
If we are ever gonna turn this tide
Politicize my own endeavors
I've no use for your protocol

Move - Little Mix aaaand this could be a lot of people, but Imma go with Rosemary Chandler purely bc of the line below
But there's just one problem
I'm a bit old school
When it comes to lovin'
I ain't chasing you
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