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Aug 6 2017, 09:10 PM
there's no residue of a torturer inside of your eyes
for Lot Adachi
outfit: here

thread warnings
blood/injury, forcible outing

Cam Pyun is, simply put, a mess as he rides the bus to the suburbs. He's not entirely certain this is a great idea -- he's only three days out from the fight with Lot and his mother, and let's get one thing absolutely straight: he's still pissed.

His nose aches and he doesn't know what to do about his mother. He doesn't know what to do with the messages from his father, either, and alright maybe some of his reaching out to Lot is that he's in need of a distraction. He loves Mo, but there's something effortless about Lot. He can just shut his brain off and watch some weird movie and listen to Lot's bad jokes, and that's what he needs right now.

He feels a little bit guilty about it. He knows Mo is still furious, still not speaking to Lot. He feels like he's being too forgiving -- after all, Lot isn't even sorry -- but then, he never expected him to be. And besides, it's half his fault for letting Lot Adachi within twenty feet of Susan Pyun. In retrospect, that was just a bad idea.

He thinks maybe he wanted things to fail. Not as dramatically as they did, but he was chafing, dealing with her. He's trying to reassure himself, at least, that things are going to be better now. His dad added his real Facebook account (he sees that once he's on the bus, scrolling through) and that's... something.

It's all going to work out. It's got to. He's decided to be optimistic about it.

That's the mindset he's working with when he gets to Lot's place. He hesitates out front for a moment, not sure if he should knock or not (he usually does, usually gets chided for it since the door's fuckin' open, dude)

it's the pain in his knuckles that makes him decide to just walk in, through the hallway to the kitchen. "Hey," he says, scratching at the back of his neck, feeling tense. He hopes that goes away soon.
Aug 6 2017, 04:51 PM
time: 1:32pm
contact: lot adachi
    hey you left your headband behind the restaurant.

time: 1:32pm
contact: lot adachi
    so idk if you want that back or what.
Jul 17 2017, 02:32 PM
catching signals that sound in the dark
for Morgan Mau

thread warnings
panic attacks, dysphoria, abuse

It's the weekend. Daisy and Sveta are out on a date, Mo is somewhere doing whatever Mo does, and Cam is buried under a blanket in the dorm trying to stop shaking.

He got a call from his mother. That's what prompted it. She saw that picture he put on Facebook (his old Facebook, the one he only really uses to convince her he's being good, the one that says Camille and not Cam) and sees he got a haircut, didn't he, and shouldn't he grow it out again, it's such a shame to see it so short. She hopes he's doing well. His friends look nice. It's just such a shame about his hair.

The picture is from the neck up, a selfie with Mo and Lot, otherwise she'd be able to tell he's also wearing a baggy t-shirt and jeans, stuff he never could have gotten away with back home. It's not even a real haircut, Mo just trimmed it for him, it was getting too long again, long in the way that makes his skin itch and his fists clench. It's a nice photo. He looks happy, which she always points out. You look so happy up there, Camille. He doesn't understand how she doesn't know that the key difference is that she isn't here.

The rest of the phone call was similar; passive-aggressive and surface-level is Sue Pyun's specialty. He hates the way it's making him cry under the covers. It's frustrating. He wants her to stop, he wants her to leave him alone, but he also hates how disappointed she sounded about the fucking haircut. He wants her to be proud of him, too.

He knows she never will be, not if he keeps on like this.

The door opens and Cam sits bolt upright, afraid for a moment that it's her, but it's only Morgan. He quickly wipes his face, tries to stop shaking. "Hey, Mo."
Jun 21 2017, 04:55 PM
time: 2:03pm
contact: The Bee Movie But Without Bees (Morgan Mau, Lot Adachi)
    hey are you guys free to talk for a minute
Dec 18 2016, 02:48 AM
oceans won't freeze, so loosen your heart

thread warnings:
discussions of bullying

Cam Pyun has been teaching for nearly ten years now, and he's seen a lot of things.

It doesn't mean they don't affect him anymore.

There's a girl in one of his English classes. She's smart as a whip, and she gets into fights. There's something about them that don't seem like typical freshman scrapes. She's been scolded enough that the principal decides she's garnered an in-school suspension, and since it was during Cam's fourth period English class this time, he's being asked to meet with her parents.

More specifically, her father: Lot Adachi.

He's not exactly unknown amongst the faculty, since he's been called before about his daughter's behavior, and Cam's expectations aren't high. Apparently Mr. Adachi isn't particularly respectful. He doesn't take things seriously. Cam recalls that he works in some minor political job, and so he expects someone... sleazy.

His assumptions aren't really quelled when Lot taps lazily on the doorframe to the conference room that Cam has been offered for this meeting, and Cam's stomach drops when he realizes just how far he has to look up at Mr. Adachi. It'll be better when they're both sitting, but they'll both know. At least, he'll notice it.

"Come in," he says calmly, offering both Lot and his daughter a curt smile. She might be on trial, but Cam doesn't really want her to feel under attack. That's counterproductive - it won't help anything. He sits down at the table and gestures towards the other seats.
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