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Cam Pyun

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Dec 18 2016, 02:48 AM
oceans won't freeze, so loosen your heart

thread warnings:
discussions of bullying

Cam Pyun has been teaching for nearly ten years now, and he's seen a lot of things.

It doesn't mean they don't affect him anymore.

There's a girl in one of his English classes. She's smart as a whip, and she gets into fights. There's something about them that don't seem like typical freshman scrapes. She's been scolded enough that the principal decides she's garnered an in-school suspension, and since it was during Cam's fourth period English class this time, he's being asked to meet with her parents.

More specifically, her father: Lot Adachi.

He's not exactly unknown amongst the faculty, since he's been called before about his daughter's behavior, and Cam's expectations aren't high. Apparently Mr. Adachi isn't particularly respectful. He doesn't take things seriously. Cam recalls that he works in some minor political job, and so he expects someone... sleazy.

His assumptions aren't really quelled when Lot taps lazily on the doorframe to the conference room that Cam has been offered for this meeting, and Cam's stomach drops when he realizes just how far he has to look up at Mr. Adachi. It'll be better when they're both sitting, but they'll both know. At least, he'll notice it.

"Come in," he says calmly, offering both Lot and his daughter a curt smile. She might be on trial, but Cam doesn't really want her to feel under attack. That's counterproductive - it won't help anything. He sits down at the table and gestures towards the other seats.
Aug 24 2016, 03:04 PM
So, Morgan and Lot are dating now. Apparently.

Cam... doesn't like that. He found out, like, five minutes ago when Daisy and Sveta started chiding Morgan about it. She's getting ready for a date. Cam doesn't know why he doesn't like it, but he - he really doesn't. It sucks, it makes his chest hurt a little bit? It's weird.

He doesn't get it.

But Daisy and Sveta have cleared out now, off to do whatever they do on their own, gossip elsewhere, he guesses. Whatever. Listen, it's not that he cares that much what Morgan or Lot do. It's fine.

It just sucks.

Cam is sitting on his bed looking absently through his phone, trying to ignore the - what is that? jealousy? definitely not - in his stomach, trying to ignore whatever Morgan's doing. It's her business. It's fine.
Aug 3 2016, 02:38 PM
Cam likes his roommates.

Most of the time.

Daisy and Svetlana can be a little bit grating with how happy and in love they are, but he's happy for them. Really. It's just a little bit alienating sometimes, leaving him and Morgan alone with it feeling like a third and fourth wheel respectively. (Wait, most things have four wheels.

The simile is a little messy.)

But he likes Morgan, quite a bit, actually. She's nice, and she cut his hair for him - that certainly endeared her to him. He feels like she understands him on some level about gender. He hasn't exactly asked 'hey, are you trans', he doesn't want to push things - but he likes her. He feels safer around her.

They're alone in the dorm right now, in a comfortable silence, Cam reading. He laughs quietly at his book, glances over in her direction to make sure he's not bothering her.
Apr 6 2016, 08:15 PM
Cam has never been to a carnival like this before, but he's enjoying himself. He sort of wishes he was better at making friends, because watching the groups of teenagers run around is making him a little bit lonely, but it doesn't bother him too much. He likes to just people watch.

He leans against the railing of the boardwalk munching on a piece of funnel cake and just Enjoying Himself for a while until someone walking past bumps into him and sends him to the ground. "Ouch..."
Apr 6 2016, 10:59 AM
warnings for abuse, transphobia, dysphoria, bullying, violence


Full name: cam pyun
Birthdate & age: 2/18/1999, 18 (aquarius)
Gender & pronouns: boy, he/him/his
Orientation: bi

Nationality: american
Occupation/Major: n/a
SES/social class: lower middle class
Education level: senior in high school
Languages known: english
Physical/mental conditions: cptsd


Ethnicity: korean
Height and build: tiny
Hair color/style: messy and SHORT, which is v important to him. it's very dark black.
Voice/manner of speaking: a little quiet and hesitant, very polite
Distinguishing marks: n/a

Fashion/way of dress: baggy sweaters even in the heat. jeans. basically the more of his body he can hide the better. polyvore collection #1

General impression: he is trying to be as small and unassuming as he can, he's like a mouse


    adventuring & feeling Like A Man
    being away from home
    his mother
Fears: never being able to 'fully transition'
Dreams/Goals: being a 'real boy'
Strengths: intuitive, observant
Flaws: entrenched in toxic masculinity, dysphoria which distracts him, not knowing what he wants
Quirks: keeps creepy little notebooks on people I:

What puts your character at ease: nothing ever
What makes your character uncomfortable: everything ever
Soft spots/vulnerabilities: yes
How they try to come across to others: like a little mouse
What they try to hide about themselves: he reaeeaeeally doesn't like most people knowing he's trans, although with him living in the girl's dorm its kind of unavoidable
How they really feel about themselves: :) bad

Character traits: (aspects of their personality that were not covered by the above sections)


What are your character’s thoughts on…
-- Substance use: not for him
-- Sex/romance: ?????? ? ?? ? ? but who could ever love someone worthless like him
-- Marriage/children: ^
-- Religion: loosely christian
-- Politics: he doesnt know much about them
-- Technology: yea

How social are they?: hes p introverted, the kind to have a few v close friends
Types of people they like: uhhhh
Types of people they dislike: hmmmm
Social profile: tbh just mpa students

Saving/spending habits: he has no money of his own and spends all his like, birthday money on clothes bc he's had to completely build a wardrobe while he's been here
Recreational activities: people watching


Major/Favorite subject: no and no I:
GPA: low
How do they feel about their school?: it's.... where he goes, and it's far from home
How studious are they?: he tries ok
After-school/part time job: n/a


Significant relatives / pets:
-- sue pyun, mother

Relationship with family: his mom is pretty heavily abusive and he does not like her at all, but he also desperately wants to impress her and make her proud.

Current residence: dorm a @ mcgillicutty
Description of bedroom/living space: very tidy


Place of birth/hometown: illinois
General history:

thank god she named her cameron.
it's almost a boy's name, it's Unisex (even though it still feels like bile in his throat when he says it himself), he wonders why she chose it, cameron cameron cameron, instead of something else. priscilla. josephine. marianne. something with lace on its letters. he's not complaining. it's easier this way.

(or maybe not. maybe he would do better to sever from cameron completely, to run away, to leave cameron bleeding in the dirt where she belongs and become someone else. john. jack. michael. a man's name)

they make fun of him at school. he tries to use the boys' bathroom, silly cameron in her pretty skirts with her long, long hair (she won't let him cut it she won't let him it's never been cut it's so long, pretty pretty cameron). he's always known, as long as he can remember, but they don't understand, they don't understand, cameron cameron cameron, silly girl, pretty girl. sit back, be quiet.

she does, she is.

dad leaves when cam is seven. you crazy bitch, he keeps saying, you crazy bitch, look what you're doing to her
(he doesn't understand, he thinks it's a phase, he thinks cam is a tomboy. he's tired of it, tired of it, the way she screams and holds cam down while she paints his face and brushes his hair until his scalp is red and raw, the way she slaps him when he tries to pull off his skirt, the words she calls him. but he doesn't take cam with him, leaves him behind with her. he cares but not enough.)

cam is quiet. he sits back. he listens. he learns, he learns when to say yes mother and no mother. he learns to stop fidgeting, to wear the skirts, to balance the books on his head, to hold an aspirin between his knees (except for the days when it's all too much and he screams and claws with the pretty long nails she makes him keep, he draws blood from her cheek and from his knobbly knees) and he is a Good Daughter sometimes, when she strokes his long, long, pretty, long hair. (but on the playground at school, on the playground, he borrows shorts, he runs, he laughs, he breathes easy. alone, but cam. not cameron.)

sometimes he thinks about how he would do it. it would be easy, it would be easy; he's noticed how everyone moves, what everyone does. it's easy to find out how these days, a noxious gas, a neighbor's gun. he wonders how they would look sprawled out, bleeding, gasping. all of them. her. everyone.
he pushes it down and takes notes anyway.

he finds a school.
the pamphlet reads traditional values, reads separate dorms, reads high stone walls and ivy and roses, so pretty, like a fairytale. it's somewhere that his mom will approve of.

she thinks it's perfect, of course. he isn't brilliant. he's not talented, not gifted. but he can lie. he can keep a straight face. he can sit back, be quiet, sit back, be quiet.

on his first day she cuts his hair off for him (another she, not her. a student.)

it's safe here. he can think. he doesn't see so much blood. he can think. there are friends here. it's safe here. he jumps at every sound, keeps a skirt in his drawer. just in case. they keep him in the girl's dorm, cameron cameron cameron, but he's away from home. away from her.

(no. cam.)

(his hair is cut roughly. uneven. ugly. not long, long, pretty. but it's his. every inch but is a fingertip off of his throat.

it's safe here. he can think.

there are friends here.)

How their past affects them: hella. he's a mess, he's hypervigilant and paranoid and his personality is greatly influenced by his abuse, leading him to be quiet (better seen than heard) and ~~traditionally feminine in a lot of ways. being so dysphoric has also lead to him being p entrenched in toxic masculinity.
Character’s feelings about their past: bad shit op
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