Welcome to Will to Live, a RP set in the fictional town of Monroeville, Maine. Orginally a small fishing village turned college town turned tourist trap, long-time locals are now outnumbered by newcomers in their ever-expanding hometown. Plots are primarily member-driven, with a wide range of interesting and diverse characters to interact with. Feel free to jump right in; fresh perspectives and ideas are always welcome.

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Dec 28 2017, 09:46 AM
so i've been a lil not present lately bc of the holidays but tomorrow i'm leaving to visit raine's gay ass in new york so i will prooobably be around even less and just wanted to give y'all a warning (and brag about how i'm gonna see my partner lmao)

i love you all though! i'll be back soon!
Nov 30 2017, 10:50 PM

    hello im vi and i like to suffer but also i live for happy resolutions. i want my characters to be utterly traumatized but i want the sun to come up slowly. found families are Important to me. i thrive off gay girls and aus. Sorry About How Many Characters I Have. my character list can be found in my signature and profiles are linked for more info!

    not featured:
  • dahlia sawyer, who has most of her main plot set up at the moment
    these dudes are all still free game, of course, but i don't have as specific ideas for them!

🌵 adlai babler
22 / umm since '13 / genderqueer / bi
warnings: bullying, internalized transphobia & homophobia
adlai is a big grump and nerd who likes fantasy novels and judging people. he works at kraken's closet and is a political science major at UMM and came to the united states from the UK because he's a drama queen who wanted to be as far from his past of being severely bullied as possible. he essentially has two friends, one of whom he's terribly in love with and one of whom he has a crush on, both of whom have partners. he suffers from pretty severe mood issues and sensory issues and, while he hasn't had too many breakdowns recently, has had times of pretty severe instability. i really want for him to make more friends and break out of his shell some, believe that not all people are out to get him, that kind of thing.

🐍 cam pyun
19 / local since '15, umm since '17 / trans boy / bi ace
warnings: parental physical & emotional abuse & transphobia, violent intrusive thoughts & desires
cam is a college freshman who's finally sort of coming into his own. he suffered abuse at the hands of his mother growing up and finally recently (summer '17) cut her out of his life. it's doing wonders for his confidence & he's finally getting to be more comfortable with himself and i'm very proud of him. he's typically a little on the shy side still, but he's pretty friendly and he's certainly easygoing. i'd really just like for him to have more friends -- i don't have any big plot ideas for him, just let him have a nice day. he's loosely based on nagisa shiota from assassination classroom.

🖤 cass koller
22 / local since '16 / genderfluid / pan ace
warnings: self harm, suicidal ideation, impulsivity, violence, emotional sadomasochism, mood swings, etc
cass is Terrible, ok, and im sorry in advance about her. she's self-destructive and rude and just all kinds of Not Doing Well. she's also fallen in with very much the wrong crowd, possibly the worst crowd in monroeville, which has lead to her doing some slightly less than savory things around town. that's gonna get worse before it gets better. still, my goals for her is a redemption arc and recovery from what a horrible mess she is, so give me people who spend time with her despite her bullshit, give me people who don't enable her behavior, give me people who make her want to improve. she's loosely based on junko enoshima from danganronpa.

🍳 chastity chamberlain
22 / umm since '15 / nonbinary boy / gay
warnings: homelessness, ptsd stuff, violence, drug abuse/overdose
chastity iiiiis shallow and spacey and very aloof. he doesn't do emotional intimacy with anyone except his twin sister, charity, who he would die for in an instant. he likes parties, stealing, cooking/baking, weed, and boys. he's been known to flirt and sleep around and then absolutely ghost. i really want him to realize that people outside of charity can be worthwhile, to realize that he can rely on people without being weak, etc; i'd love a few very good friends and potentially a boyfriend somewhere down the line. loosely based on taako from the adventure zone: balance.

🌧️ cora sterling
22 / local since '05 / nonbinary girl / lesbian
warnings: sometimes graphic self-harm and suicide ideation/completed suicide, mental illness
cora is a chain-smoking, self-destructive wannabe poet who never actually has the energy to write because she's paralyzingly sad essentially all of the time. she's an orphan adopted by the sterlings at the age of 10 and still has a lot of trauma she refuses to examine or deal with. she's very dry, monotonous, sarcastic, etc. she's never had friends, really, outside of her 12 siblings and her childhood friend jenny dunyl, who she's recently trying to rebuild bridges with. i really want someone to make her see that she needs to get help and can't keep doing what she's doing. my ultimate goal for cora is recovery and happiness. she needs friends, she needs a support system, she needs something to live for. yeah

🎮 kat de la cruz
23/ local since '16 / agender / bi
warnings: dissociation
kat is a GEEK. all she does is play video games, literally that's how she makes a living, with a pretty popular youtube channel called katscares where she does longplays, mostly of horror games. she lives with a roommate/boyfriend and Loves Everyone. she's a really gentle and kind soul who just wants everyone in the world to have a wonderful day and will do whatever she can to help a person in need. if you need a support system or a champion, she's here for you. naturally, i want people to be awful to her -- take advantage of her trusting & kindness, fuck with her dissociative issues and set her off, whatever you want. friends are also super good, of course, but i'd love to see her squirm a little bit. :I loosely based on chiaki nanami from danganronpa.

🍷 lottie field
24 / local since '94, mc from '13-16 / cis girl / lesbian
warnings: homophobic grandparents, mood swings, fear of abandonment/rejection, alcohol
best described as everybody's big lesbian mom. lottie is the responsible friend who makes sure you get home safe after you drink too much. she's also verging on alcoholism and struggling with severe self-loathing. she's recently coming out of a long depressive period after her terrible grandparents forced her to drop out of school/stopped paying for her tuition and is starting to go out again and socialize more after pretty much dropping off of the face of the earth for half a year. she's empathetic if somewhat short-tempered and makes for a very good, loyal friend. right now i'm really looking for a reason for her to stay in monroeville -- ideally she falls hopelessly in love and can't bring herself to leave, something like that. i'm also interested in past relationships for her. every long-term relationship she's ever had has blown up in her face terribly and i'd like to see her navigating the aftermath of those.

👑 lulu barbosa
20 / mc since '15 / genderfluid / pan
warnings: spooky shit, murder, recreational drugs
the daughter of a maine political dynasty, lulu is all set to carry on that legacy. she's level-headed and outgoing and very charming, and also whoops she's obsessed with serial killers. my ideas for her are pretty basic, i just want her to have a ton of friends, probably some past hookups, maybe some friends with benefits. she's a pretty common sight around the college party scene. loosely based on sonia nevermind from danganronpa.

🌙 octavia blanchard
24 / mc since '17 / girl-adjacent / lesbian
warnings: alcohol?
octavia is ambitious, deadpan, and competent. she's also a massive dorkus with cats named firstly after poetry and secondly after... a paperclip, which should give you some idea of her sense of humor. she's a recent transplant to monroeville, here for grad school and trying really hard to be social (although she also... spends most of her time reading, writing, or studying, lol.) she can be a very devoted and compassionate friend, she just needs the chance to get there! i'd also love to play with her in romantic settings, because boy howdy would she be a mess. loosely based on lucretia from the adventure zone: balance.

🌼 oleander malik
21 / local since '97, mc since '14 / "cis girl" / "straight"
warnings: internalized homophobia, controlling family
on the surface, oleander is a very pleasant and gentle person. she tries her hardest to project real disney princess vibes and repress all Negative Emotion. in reality she's a deeply bitter person. her older brother cypress is really transparently the family favorite and she's always been expected to exist at his expense, basically; she makes a lot of personal sacrifices in order to support him and her parents in their work and what have you and never really gets anything in return. so she's sort of got this martyr complex where she expects herself to do anything for other people but she's also super pissed about it. she's an overachiever and very shallowly friendly. i'd like for her to have some surface-level friends and maybe one or two Close Friends, and i'd definitely like to explore stuff with her sexuality -- she does date boys, but she's often perceived as a prude bc she won't have sex with them. she's a closeted lesbian.

📜 paloma tweed-najafi
36 / local since '14 / trans woman / lesbian
warnings: past abuse, chronic illness, medical transition
paloma is uptight and high strung and her favorite things are shakespeare and her wife. she teaches english at UMM, mostly basic stuff but she teaches a course on shakespeare and a course on playwriting. she's high maintenance and pretty high anxiety, but she's a very loyal and protective person. most likely to have ur back in a facebook argument longer than you want them to. she thinks kindles are annoying and prefers real books. etc. her most likely friends are other uptight nerds, but i'm definitely interested in some odd couple shit too, and i'd love for her to mentor people. she's a teacher at heart and that bleeds into most of her relationships.

💌 saffron jones
33 / local since '06 / cis woman / bisexual
warnings: internalized misogyny, age difference in a relationship, infidelity
saffron's whole steez is that her mom was the other woman and her dad eventually left her to go back to his wife, and then the same thing happened to her when she was in her early 20s. she's a mother of 10-year-old twins and she loves them very much and is generally an ok mom, but she's obsessed with finding a husband -- she's convinced the only way she'll ever be happy is to get married to a nice man and be a good mother to her twins and any future children she has with her husband. she has a pretttttty big inferiority complex and struggles to interact with other women without feeling threatened. she just wants to get married u guys :( i'd really like to explore that. shitty dudes take her on dates, ditch her 5 minutes beforehand, flirt with other girls in front of her. i'd also love for her to realize that women are not the enemy. give her some good lady friends, please.

🔮 yarrow moreau
18 / umm since '17 / "gender wizard" / complicated
warnings: religious imagery & delusions, alcoholism, child neglect
she's very polite and eloquent, she's relatively outgoing albeit kind of weird (although she's not really one to make friendships.) yarrow is a compulsive people-watcher and also kind of a compulsive liar and also she thinks she's the messiah a little bit oops don't tell. the only person she's genuinely close to is her twin, gardenia. she's big on magical thinking and also big on magical drinking, by which i mean is well on her way to following in her neglectful mother's footsteps and becoming an alcoholic. like with chastity, i'd really like her to branch out beyond her sister and make some Real Ass Friends. she also has a tendency to chase after older men as a self-destruction thing -- she doesn't want to pursue any actual relationships with them, but she's been known to sleep with them when she's upset or drunk. i'm also interested in her making people really uncomfortable. sorry about her. she's loosely based on rose lalonde from homestuck.

💀 zachariah adams
42 / local since '94 / cis dude / bi
warnings: abuse, neglect, religion, self-loathing, medical, death, childbirth
zachariah here is what you'd call a Big Sad Dad. he is 6'4 and very buff and a single father who loves his daughter more than anything, and also, he has depression. he works in financial aid at umm and doesn't go out a whole lot, but i still want him to make friends ok bc i love him. he's a sweet and gentle dude for the most part, although he does have some anger to work through. he hates himself and thinks his daughter is the only worthwhile thing he's ever done, and he's consumed with a lot of guilt over a lot of things that aren't his actual fault. he really desperately needs friends, and i'd love for him to just... accidentally adopt a bunch of extra children. he's loosely based on lol the creature from frankenstein.

Jun 22 2017, 07:56 PM
hey this isnt quite an absence thread i guess but im like, hitting a depressive groove, i love my mood issues

i don't really know how much i'm going to be around as a consequence of it, it might be a lot it might be barely? but mostly i'm worried that i'm going to come off as disinterested or rude and i super don't want that so like. if i don't sound excited about plotting it's not that i'm not, i'm just sad, i promise i want to plot with you,

ok, thanks for listening
Mar 27 2017, 09:09 AM
so ya boi's going to aruba! we leave on wednesday morning and will be gone until the fifth. i have absolutely no idea how much i'll be on?? probably still some?? but also i will be at a fancy beach resort or whatever, so, less. anyway yeah if im not really around for a week thats why
Mar 18 2017, 01:52 PM
tale as old as time
for Bee

Chastity Chou and Jenny DuNyl...................a pair of beasts
Cora Sterling and Regulus Sterling.....a pair of strange souls

thread warnings:
parental death, more tba

Once upon a time, there was a lord and a lady who lived in a secluded castle in a thick and dangerous forest. The two were distantly related by marriage, raised as siblings by servants after the untimely deaths of their caretakers in a storm. These siblings were by any metric absolute terrors: the sister was temperamental and brooding while the brother was vain and uncaring. Having no real power outside of their castle nor any desire to leave its grounds, they spent their days roaming the corridors and making the lives of their staff hell. These children had everything their hearts desired, but they were spoiled, selfish, and unkind.

One night, when the moon was too bright and the stars too dim, an old beggar woman came to them, offering them a rose in exchange for a night of shelter. The brother refused first, disgusted by her haggard appearance, and the sister quickly joined him. When the woman persisted, they called their guards.

Suddenly, her ugliness melted away, revealing a beautiful enchantress. She told the pair she saw no love in their hearts, and as punishment she cast a spell on the castle and all who lived there. It transformed the siblings into hideous beasts, and ashamed of these forms, they concealed themselves inside the castle, never intending to show their faces to the world again. They were left with two magical items by the witch: a magic mirror, that they could watch the outside world and dream of what they could have had, and the rose she had offered. The rose was an enchanted one, made to bloom until their twenty-first birthday. If in these six years the two could learn to love and be loved in return, then the spell would be broken, but if not


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