Welcome to Will to Live, a RP set in the fictional town of Monroeville, Maine. Orginally a small fishing village turned college town turned tourist trap, long-time locals are now outnumbered by newcomers in their ever-expanding hometown. Plots are primarily member-driven, with a wide range of interesting and diverse characters to interact with. Feel free to jump right in; fresh perspectives and ideas are always welcome.

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Mar 29 2018, 12:50 PM
soooo i'm interested in what ya'll think! Take the empty bracket and fill out your answers and just have fun <3

Feb 26 2018, 11:59 PM
i dont really know what to put here but i need to take a break and i thought i should let you all know instead of just like disappearing lol. i haven't been able to write anything substantial in awhile anyway, so i'm sorry to anyone i have plots or threads with. feel free to drop those if you'd like....I don't know when i'll be back/able to write something worthwhile.

you all are wonderful people <3.
Dec 6 2017, 10:40 PM
Spotify dropped their annual top songs playlist BUT ALSO a playlist of shit you might like and I'm really excited.

go here to get yours! Because I wanna see what yall have been listening to :'|

my top songs!

my "ones that got away"
Nov 30 2017, 08:48 PM
p l o t | r e q u e s t s

  • Carrington Haigh
    Carrington is your super spontaneous friend who will knock on your door at two in the morning because, man, the moon looks fucking rad and we have to memorialize this like, right now! She just wants to have a great time while she's here. She is super poly and dates several people at one time, often not letting the other person that this is happening so that can lead to some fun problems. Right now, she's mostly dating Parker Emery.

    Carrie has DID and her main alter is Amber Livingston who is very religious, goes to church at least every Sunday and reads The Good Book™ often. She keeps everything perfectly organized in a color-coded planner that Carrie....never looks at.

    I would love threads that are Carrie & your character being spontaneous together, getting midnight tattoos, night swimming at the beach even though the water is like 10 degrees, driving to NYC on a whim in the middle of a Wednesday, etc... Alternatively, a thread with your character and Amber when they think they're talking to Carrie or vice versa.
  • Corinne Bishop
    Corinne is Not Nice™. She's originally from Monroeville but understandably got the hell out of dodge as soon as she was able. She graduated from Harvard and is a philosophy professor. However, after an unfortunate blow up with some colleagues, she was passed up for the head of philosophy position and is """taking a leave of absense""" from the university. So here she is, teaching AP world history at MHS when we all know that no one cares about world history and she's having the worst time trying to avoid teaching these kids.

    She's smarter and better than everyone so she's perpetually annoyed that she has to converse with people she considers subpar to herself. But that's okay, because she's positive that her world will be righted soon and she will be back in Cambridge with the job she so rightfully deserved.

    SOOO. Give me people who knew her when she lived here before so that she can hate life a little bit more than she already does. Give me new people that are """not as smart as her""" because they didn't go to harvard. Parents of kids in her class that have major problems with the lack of teaching she's doing. Or throw something else at me.
  • Jonathan Halifax
    Jon is... NOT a good person. He masks a lot of his bad traits with charm, southern hospitality, and by being a gentleman, but at his core, he is a homophobic, sexist, racist misogynistic asshole. Basically. But he definitely is charming, so I imagine he's able to get women to go home with him pretty easily. He's also verging on alcoholism and is definitely a chain smoker.

    We can do literally anything with Jon. We can do women who regret hooking up with him, men who think he's disgusting, people who do see his charm and actually do go home with him. Or maybe a woman who agrees to a date but changes her mind halfway through so she stands up, starts stuffing breadsticks into her purse, and says she has to go because it's an emergency. Give me a #feminist partner cop to call him on his shit so that he can get offended and think they're in the wrong for bringing that up.
  • Kristina Halifax
    Kristina is Jonathan's sister and they couldn't be more different. She is a drifter and is more or less settled in Monroeville for now. She doesn't want her family's money to be as big of a deal as it is so she does what she can to separate herself from the Houston Halifax's™.

    She likes to play everything fast and loose, and you can often find her at a bar or an all-night diner at 3 a.m. We can do established friendships or hookups(she's been visiting Monroeville for years and now has been living here for almost awhile) or we can do new ones.
  • Madison Darlington
    Madison is your typical run of the mill queen of the earth. She's the president of Pi Beta Phi, her father owns the L.A. Lakers and invests in a lot of businesses around the country. She has some deep seeded issues with that and as a result, hooks up with dudes her dad would not approve of. smile.gif

    Madison is an easy person to hate, and I'm always open for people hating her or people just straight up being frenemies with her (i.e., how can we benefit each other???) She is currently in a relationship so there wouldn't be any current flings/fwbs, but give her past ones that are awkward to run in to or whatever. There could be something where she gets close to cheating on her boyfriend and that gets held over her head? Also, there's always that option for a legitimate friend, but I mean..............she's not nice so.......
  • Nicole Loren
    Nicole grew up in Monroeville and went to school for jounralism. She left right after college and became a successful, semi-famous news caster.

    But after an on-air blow up between her and a colleague, she was moved to the sister station of the New York station she worked for to lay low for awhile.

    So give me people that know her from before, people that used to watch her on the news, people she went to high school/college with etc.

    I really need to just flesh her out some!
  • Raina Molyneux
    Raina is your typical teenage drama queen who thinks the world is against her and she hates her parents etc. etc. She also....is pretty obsessed with death and gore and all things dark. She has a dry sarcastic sense of humor and she has a certain image she's cultivated that she works really hard to keep up with.

    Give me people who are also obsessed with death and gore who can be friends with Raina. Give me people who are the polar opposite and therefore they don't get along with her. Give me people to think she's super weird for being obsessed with that kind of stuff. We can do anything...Raina's fun to play ;0;
  • Rosemary Chandler
    Rose is...another mean girl, surprise. She is typically with Rosalie Duke, Rosalind McNamara, and Dahlia Sawyer (the other members of the Rose Garden™). She's very my way or the highway.

    I want to flesh her out and get her out of her comfort zone. Her "friends" right now will pretty much do or say anything that she wants them to so if someone doesn't do that I can definitely see it causing some contention.
  • Zabana Hart
    Zabana works in the morgue and is very quiet. She loves to people watch and has no problem sitting in silence for extended periods of time. She is really focused on school and work (and her dysfunctional relationship with her boss). She's also just sorta...weird. She's into gore and death but more quietly than Raina.

    I'd like someone who will people watch with her or embrace her weirdness? Yeah I'm pretty open.
Character list for more information!
Mar 21 2017, 10:23 PM
SO! vii and I were talking in the cbox about having another big site-wide family (OPEN TO EVERYONE!!) so that we can have lots of fun plots to go along with that. This is just a space to plan things out/sign up for the family.

Basics (feel free to add on/suggest changes):
  • The family lived in Manhattan until they lost all their money. (Embezzlement or something awful like that...maybe the family accountant hasn't actually paid their taxes for them for the last 10 years??)
  • They own a summer house on Whale's Way, and since it was paid off that was the only thing they were able to keep.
  • All the adult children who have lived in the lap of luxury their entire lives now have to get jobs and learn how to function as actual humans in Monroeville.
  • The family is latinx, and possible NPC parents could be Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderras
  • The mother named all of her children after Shakespeare characters
  • ...that's all I have so far!
Feel free to also talk out your char(s) here while we get everything planned!
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