Welcome to Will to Live, a RP set in the fictional town of Monroeville, Maine. Orginally a small fishing village turned college town turned tourist trap, long-time locals are now outnumbered by newcomers in their ever-expanding hometown. Plots are primarily member-driven, with a wide range of interesting and diverse characters to interact with. Feel free to jump right in; fresh perspectives and ideas are always welcome.

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Jul 15 2017, 07:28 PM
The 2016-2017 archive is complete! We archived 531 threads and a tidy 15,000 IC posts from the last year. You can find your saved threads from the 2016-2017 cycle in the 2016 holding forum in Las Aguas Internacionales. Threads started in summer of 2017 have been kept in the main forums as part of the 2017-2018 cycle.

If you have any threads you would like archived, unarchived, or moved, please post in this topic with the following form:

[url=thread url]thread title[/url] : desired forum
Jul 15 2017, 07:24 PM
Character Stats
JULY 2017
Characters Surveyed: 77 (+14)
Town Happiness Rating: 2.64 out of 5

Total Characters: 91
24 MC Students (26.4%) | 12 UMM Students (13.2%)
2 MPA Students (2.2%) | 1 MHS Students (1.1%)
52 Townspersons (57.1%)

    36.4% Male (-4.9%)
    48.1% Female (+2.1%)
    15.6% Other (+2.9%)
    1.3% are 14-17 years old (-0.3%)
    26% are 18-20 years old (-8.9%)
    36.4% are 21-24 years old (+7.8%)
    22.1% are 25-29 years old (-0.1%)
    11.7% are 30-39 years old (+0.6%)
    1.3% are 40-49 years old (+1.3%)
    1.3% are 50 years or older (-0.3%)
    50.6% White (-6.5%)
    9.1% Black (+1.2%)
    11.7% Latinx (+8.5%)
    10.4% Asian/Pacific Islander (+0.9%)
    1.3% American Indian/Alaskan Native (-0.3%)
    16.9% Multiracial (-3.7%)
    2.6% are 4'11 or shorter (-0.6%)
    35.1% are between 5'0 and 5'4 (+4.9%)
    29.9% are between 5'5 and 5'9 (-5%)
    18.2% are between 5'10 and 6'0 (-4%)
    14.3% are 6'1 or taller (+4.8%)
    24.7% Heterosexual (-3.9%)
    14.3% Homosexual (+1.6%)
    28.6% Bi/Pansexual (+8%)
    19.5% Asexual (-5.9%)
    7.8% Other (-3.3%)
    (5.1% declined to comment)
    19.5% Heteroromantic (-4.3%)
    20.8% Homoromantic (+0.2%)
    35.1% Bi/Panromantic (+1.8%)
    9.1% Aromantic (+2.8%)
    9.1% Other (-3.6%)
    (6.5% declined to comment)
Jul 15 2017, 07:22 PM
This is a holding forum where ongoing threads from the 2016-2017 cycle can be completed. When you are finished with a thread in this forum, please post the link to the finished thread here so it can be properly archived.
Jul 15 2017, 07:17 PM
This is a thread for linking things you want removed or changed or moved! You can post in this thread to: archive a character you don't want anymore, move a thread to different areas of the board if you put it in the wrong place, delete double posts on a thread, or change your character's usergroup color slash anything else you can think of! Just in case the mods aren't in the cbox when you need help, just post in this thread!

To archive a character: please post here with the character's profile (if they don't have one their app or simply the link to the character proper will do) and indicate whether you want to keep or remove their occupation or housing claims (NOTE: we will not save face claims of any archived characters, however you may reserve that face claim again so long as you follow the reservation rules).

To move a thread: link to the thread and let us know where you want it to be moved.

To delete a double post: link to the thread and somehow point out which post it is (either by linking directly to the post or editing a post with the words DELETE ME).

To change your character's usergroup: give us the link to your character and what you want the usergroup changed to.
Jul 15 2017, 07:14 PM
    This IC Chat thread takes place anywhere in town and lets you give potential characters a test run before you cave and make them. If the scenario hasn't changed in a day or so or the previous interactions are over feel free to start a new one!

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