Welcome to Will to Live, a RP set in the fictional town of Monroeville, Maine. Orginally a small fishing village turned college town turned tourist trap, long-time locals are now outnumbered by newcomers in their ever-expanding hometown. Plots are primarily member-driven, with a wide range of interesting and diverse characters to interact with. Feel free to jump right in; fresh perspectives and ideas are always welcome.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Adrienne Kang MC Student 11-July 16 378
Alyson Grace Mortimer MC Student 25-March 18 18
Carrington Haigh MC Student 30-June 16 275
Dahlia Sawyer MC Student 15-December 16 294
Lulu Barbosa MC Student 1-July 17 155
Madison Darlington MC Student 10-December 15 1,789
Maren Novak MC Student 7-January 18 21
Mateo Etxebarria MC Student 24-August 16 229
Matilda Rae King MC Student 22-June 17 29
Octavia Blanchard MC Student 9-April 18 28
Oleander Malik MC Student 11-January 18 27
Parker Emery MC Student 27-June 16 1,689
Rosalie Duke MC Student 12-December 16 161
Rosemary Chandler MC Student 16-December 16 124
Scholastica Řezník MC Student 23-August 16 251
Szveina Ylvasdóttir MC Student 12-June 15 609
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