Welcome to Will to Live, a RP set in the fictional town of Monroeville, Maine. Orginally a small fishing village turned college town turned tourist trap, long-time locals are now outnumbered by newcomers in their ever-expanding hometown. Plots are primarily member-driven, with a wide range of interesting and diverse characters to interact with. Feel free to jump right in; fresh perspectives and ideas are always welcome.

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Oct 15 2017, 03:34 PM
-- August 23rd, 2017
-- 1:46pm local time
- Outfit
- Song
- Szveina Ylvasdóttir

Could anyone in this town sign!?

Jin's frustration hissed from her nose. Today was just not a good day for her. With school almost starting, she needed to be able to get back into shape. Soccer wasn't an issue for her, as the field was open dawn to dusk. However the school itself wasn't open, meaning she couldn't practice, meaning that she was frustrated.

This frustration was only doubled when she found that there was a dance studio in Monroeville. So she grabbed her dancing shoes (and the rest of her attire as well), and made the trek down to the plaza. It didn't take her long to find the studio, which so far was the highlight of her day.

"Our monthly rate is $195 for 30 days, starting from the date of purchase." The receptionist had said to her in a sweet voice.

$195!? Even putting her full months stipend into the purchase of a monthly pass, she didn't even have half of the fee. Having to take thirty seconds or longer to write out her answer on the tablet she placed on the counter after quickly affirming that no, the receptionist did not understand more than the most obscene gestures, and no, she really didn't have the patience for the mute to transcribe her replies on a tablet to read.

Jin knew better than to try and argue, or to explain her position to the lady behind the counter. They were trying to keep their business profitable, and charity - while good for publicity - didn't pay bills. So she smiled and thanked the lady with an easy-to-understand ASL gesture, sliding her tablet back into her bag, which she slung over her bare shoulder. She turned around to leave, but stepped aside as someone else opened the door, letting them in first.
Oct 12 2017, 03:30 AM
-- Saturday, August 12, 2017
-- 3:18pm Local Time
- Outfit
- Song
- Alex Keane

Jin didn't know that there was a zoo.

It had been such a shock to the girl when she wrote on one of the small whiteboards that had just been installed all over the house, asking what there was to do in the town. After a month of unpacking her possessions in the slanted-roofed bedroom, learning the chores she had to do around the household and getting to know Sue and Al, her newest Caretakers, she felt that she was finally stable enough to get to know the rest of the town before throwing her life into school and extracurricular activities once more.

With the zoo in mind, Jin had packed accordingly. Her bag had her tablet as always, safely tucked into the padded pouch closest to her thigh when she carried the bag. She also brought her cheap drawing booklet and some charcoal pencils. The zoo always had interesting specimens, and she might as well enjoy some of the remaining sunlight - with a prudent amount of sunscreen to keep her predominant ginger genes from being cooked to the same color as her hair.

So as everyone else wandered along the pathways, casually glancing at all the different animals on their strictly scheduled time here, Jin had found a small ledge to perch upon facing a habitat containing Melville Island Wolves, brilliant white creatures. Two wolf cubs were playing around in the water, splashing one another and serenading the passersby with a chorus of chitters and yips. They were moving too fast for Jin to draw though, so instead her focus was on who she believed was the Alpha mother to these cubs. She had found a rock with an abundance of shade, and even though her posture was relaxed and stretched over the bare surface her eyes were watching the cubs, the people walking past, and even directly at Jin a few times. Were they studying each other?

Her headphones playing music loud enough to drown out the chatter of people, Jin looked back and forth from the Alpha to her sketchbook, making slight changes and additions to her page, looking past the bodies that were constantly flashing past her keen eyes as if they simply weren't there, lost in her own little drawing world.
Oct 11 2017, 04:30 PM

My lovely, naive mute! Jin was moved to Monroeville in the beginning of July, and has spent some time settling in. Now in mid-late august, she's taking some time to explore the town before school so she isn't completely lost when classes begin. Being new in a reasonably small town, seeing her would probably be a spot for curiosity.

Potential plot points:
  • Sports people! Jin is a Soccer player. Maybe you'll see her at MHS's sports field?
  • Dance people! She also works with dance, from contemporary to hip hop. When classes starts, she'll certainly be practicing lots!
  • Random encounter! Suddenly out of the blue, you keep spotting this redhead roaming the town. Whaddaya do?
Or others! Those are just some small things off the top of my head. Be Nice! Be Mean! Develop friendships or rivalries! I want them all >:D
Oct 11 2017, 04:05 PM


Full name: Jin Anne-Marie Adler
Birthdate & age: May 24th, 2000 – 17 Years Old
Gender & pronouns: Female, Her/She
Orientation: Straight

Nationality: UK Immigrant
Occupation/Major: High School Student
SES/social class:Working Class (Foster Child)
Education level: Junior (Grade 11)
Languages known: English, American Sign Language, Rudimentary German
Physical/mental conditions: Post-Traumatic Vocal Disarticulation


Ethnicity: Caucasian, British/Irish
Height and build: 5’8, Athletic
Hair color/style: Light Ginger, Long and straight (sometimes braided or pony-tailed)
Voice/manner of speaking: Mute, speaks using hands, or using a small white-board
Distinguishing marks: Thin white scar on her throat from exploratory surgery, lengthwise 2 inches. Very light freckles cover her face, shoulders and arms, usually covered by make-up.

Fashion/way of dress: Tanktops and slacks are her out of school attire. During class time however, she usually wears a floral shirt over the tank-top, and the slacks are mostly replaced by skirts which end just above the knee or lower.

General impression: Jin is very outgoing and bubbly, and she likes “talking” with people. Being a mute makes it difficult for her to participate in conversations (especially amongst groups), but she will happily sit and listen, offering her inputs when she can sign or write something in edge-wise. She loves to make friends, and has a soft spot for children which will always make her smile, even if the day has been hell for her.


  • Summer (The Sun, Warmth, and plenty of time outdoors)
  • Teaching (Sports, ASL, or Drawing)
  • The Younger Generation (8-15)
    Dislikes: [list]
  • Winter (The Cold, Rain, Hail, Sleet, and Snow)
  • Snobbish/Narrow-minded/Arrogant people
  • Fast Conversations/Arguments
    Fears: [list]
  • Taphophobia (Fear of being buried alive)
  • Acrophobia (Fear of heights)
  • Athazagoraphobia (Fear of being forgotten or abandoned)
    Strengths: [list]
  • Athletic (Dancing and Soccer)
  • Outgoing/Bubbly
  • Coward/Scaredy-cat
  • Mute, or “Jinxed”
  • Grammar Nazi (Punctuation, people!)
  • Fidgets when Nervous (Plays with a strand of hair, chews lip, etc.)
What puts your character at ease:
What makes your character uncomfortable: Overbearing people and having her bubble intruded on by people she doesn’t believe are friendly. Even if they have no intention of hurting her, she will visibly shrink away and try and move aside.
Soft spots/vulnerabilities: Jin needs her hands to speak. Anything that restricts her hands will cause her to panic.
How they try to come across to others: She will try to come off as friendly, even though her lack of speech may be seen as being aloof or indifferent.
What they try to hide about themselves: Her deep depression about not having her voice is buried underneath her outgoing exterior, and she will try and keep busy to avoid dealing with that.
How they really feel about themselves: Jin has lost a large part of her person being mute, and she feels that even by being more outgoing she isn’t able to fill the void her voice has left.

Character traits: (Will add if found)


What are your character’s thoughts on…
-- Substance use: Jin doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. While she doesn’t actively look down on those who do, she tries to avoid the scene as a whole.
-- Sex/romance: Not something she’s done, it doesn’t mean she isn’t interested. Being mute though, she feels as if people wouldn’t look at her in a romantic sort of way.
-- Marriage/children: Maybe someday, but not right away. Too many high-schoolers dropping out because of baby bumps, too many shotguns weddings… not her deal for at least another decade.
-- Religion: The is quietly (ha) religious, but she doesn’t openly talk (ha) about her feelings or beliefs. She accepts that people do have their own beliefs, and does her best to accommodate them when she learns.
-- Politics: Jin has been so caught up with school and living her own life that she hasn’t gotten too caught up in the politics, though from what she’s managed to catch, that might be a good idea.
-- Technology: Technology has been her savior. Instant messaging, e-mails, even a tablet that allows her to quickly write something down for people to understand. It’s something that she can’t live without, and is thankful for the age she lives in.

How social are they?: As much as a mute can be! She will always try and be outgoing and greet new people she hasn’t met before. Some people can be averted by her nature, especially when they learn she can’t speak. Sometimes it might seem forced, and very rarely she’ll just be curled up somewhere, spending her time alone.
Types of people they like: Those who are receptive of her disability. She is hard to get rid of if they are tolerant of her.
Types of people they dislike: Arrogance. Those who are full of themselves, ones who don’t have time to read what she is saying, or ones that dismiss her as dumb simply because she cannot speak.
Social profile: Unknown. A recent arrival to the town, she moved to a new foster home in the middle end of town while she waits to turn 18 and be considered “an independent adult”.

Saving/spending habits: While her family wasn’t slumming at all, growing into her teenage years in foster care, she had a stipend for clothes and recreational stuff (such as a phone). Her tablet is her most expensive possession, and was given to her by the school system. Originally valued at a ridiculous price, it is a few years old and has slowed down considerably. Still, it saves her from having to write every thought on a pad and pen.
Recreational activities: Soccer and Dance are her recreational activities. She hopes to join the school soccer team, if there is one.

Major/Favorite subject: Dance
GPA: Roughly 3.5 (B+/A-)
How do they feel about their school?: This is her first semester in the school. Jin is certainly nervous about all the new faces.
How studious are they?: She delves deep enough into her homework to have a decent understanding of the concept, but doesn’t have the time to get into the full dissection of the textbook.
After-school/part time job: None, extra-curricular activities have her too busy.


Significant relatives / pets:
-- Susan (Sue) Ferniuk (67, Foster Parent)
-- Albert (Al) Ferniuk (69, Foster Parent)
-- Emily Adler (33, Mother, Deceased)
-- Micheal Adler (31, Father, Deceased)

Relationship with family: Jin has lived with the Ferniuk’s for about two months so far. She is rather frustrated that the government put her into a home where the people don’t read ASL, but they’ve put up small white-boards around the house, and are learning snatches of words from Jin as they settle in.
Current residence: Foster Care, Middle-class. A light blue house built in the late 1920’s, it has been kept up on repairs by Al, while Susan does the garden and yardwork. They are able to live their
Description of bedroom/living space: Her current bedroom is rather bare-bones, with a few pictures, a double bed with a small polished brass frame, and a white desk and dresser that could have easily been built in the 60’s. Her bedroom looks out over the front lawn and faces the street.


Place of birth/hometown: Brighton, United Kingdom
General History: Born in the UK, Jin and her parents immigrated to the United States when Jin was 4 years old. Having accepted jobs at the University of New England teaching Biochemistry (Emily) and Marine Biology (Micheal), they lived on campus while Jin travelled to the nearby JFK Memorial school.
At the age of 8, her life was dumped upside down. A series of students, either as a prank gone wrong or specific reason, built a chemical bomb inside one of the labs. The bomb detonated, causing one section of the Science building to collapse. All the students involved were killed instantly, along with 32 other people. Jin’s parents were among the deceased. The 8 year old was at the edge of the blast radius, and was struck by rubble, suffering a broken arm and leg as well as a concussion. When she awoke a day later and was told of her parents’ demise, she spent most of that day crying, or staring at the wall. It was the last day that she ever made a sound.
Her parents, her voice, her life gone, Jin’s world became a huge tornado. Over the next five years, psychiatrists and exploratory surgery were never able to determine the cause of her speech loss, and she was diagnosed with PTVD – Post Traumatic Vocal Disarticulation. Although there was no physical damage to her larynx, a mental disorder has blocked signals to her vocal chords.
By the time she had entered intermediate school at the age of 10, she had learned a great deal of American Sign Language, gone through 4 foster homes through Maine, and consecutively 4 different schools. Her depression had kept her reclusive, prone to almost violent outbursts, which eventually made her unwanted by most foster families.
Entering Middle School though, she gradually made the change from moody and reclusive to more outgoing with the help of a special needs aid at the intermediate school who directed her to bring more of her old self out, to heal and move the personal scar tissue that was causing her to act out. For 4 years she learned from the special needs aid, finding new ways to grow and properly develop.
Jin fought the Maine school board with the help of her special needs aid to be put into a proper public high school instead of a special needs high school, to interact with the general public instead of being sheltered with others with disabilities. They won at the end of her time at intermediate school, but there was a catch – She would have to move again, to a small town with a school that had both physical size and class size to allow her to go with the help of a speech translator, someone trained in ASL who could speak on her behalf. Although unamused by the need for a translator, she has plans to go to this new town and high school with a positive outlook, no matter her past.

How their past affects them: Mute, Orphaned, and bounced around Maine’s foster care system, Jin harbors deep depression that she covers up with an outgoing personality. She buries herself in school, dance, and sports, and the remaining free time is dedicated to the friends she makes.
Character’s feelings about their past: Jin has a lot of emotions about her past, the loss of her voice, parents, and life as she knew and should have had. She tries not to think about her past, but occasionally she looks back and cracks, going back into her state of denial and rebellion. This is typically the times when she withdraws and spends her time alone until she recovers.
Oct 10 2017, 04:19 AM
Name: Jin Adler
Age: 17
Grade: 11 (Junior)

How long have you lived in Monroeville? 2 Months

Why did you choose MHS? The only school with the class space to also have a translator available while simultaneously having a foster family willing to take her in.

What do you feel is your most important quality? Being outgoing, even without speaking.

What is one thing about yourself that you'd like to change in your time at MHS? I’d like to become more fluid with my ability to communicate with people, and possibly find a place where I can call home after I graduate and am set free from government care.

What is your OoC name? Wonderland
Link to account of your last character: First Character!
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